Brooklyn Bridge was commenced under the directions of J. Roebling in 1870 and completed in about thirteen years. It is 3,475 feet long and 135 feet wide. The cost was nearly $15,000,000.

The Cantilever Bridge, 1874, over the Niagara, is built almost of steel. Its length is 910 feet; the total weight is 3,000 tons, and the cost was $222,000.

The Niagara Suspension Bridge was built by Roebling in 1852-55, at a cost of $400,000. It is 245 feet above the water, 1,268 feet long.

The bridge at Havre de Grace, over the Susquehanna River, is 3,271 feet long and is divided into twelve wooden spans, resting on granite pier3.

The Britannia Bridge, over the Menai Strait, Wales, at an elevation of 103 feet above high water. It is of wrought iron, 1,511 feet long, and was finished in 1850. Cost $3,008,000.

The Old London Bridge was the first stone bridge. It was commenced in 1176 and completed in 1209. Its founder, Peter of Cole Church, was ' buried in the crypt of the chapel erected on the center pier.

The new London Bridge is constructed of granite, from the designs of L. Rennier. It was commenced in 1824, and was completed in about seven years, at a cost of $7,291,000.

Coalbrookdale Bridge, England, is the first cast-iron bridge. It was built over the Severn in 1779.

The bridge at Burton, over the Trent, was formerly the longest bridge in England, being 1,545 feet. It is now partly removed. Built in the twelfth century.

The Rialto, at Venice, Italy, is said to have been built from designs of Michael Angelo. It is a single marble arch, 98 1/2 feet long, and acompleted in 1591.

The Bridge of Sighs, at Venice, over which condemned prisoners were transported from the hall of judgment to the place of execution, was built in 1589.

The bridge of the Holy Trinity at Florence, Italy, was built in 1569. It is 322 feet long, constructed of white marble, and stands unrivaled as a work of art.

The covered bridge at Pavia, Italy, over the Ticino, was built in the 14th century. The roof is held up by 100 granite columns.

Sublician bridge at Rome, the oldest wooden bridge known, was erected in the seventh century. Twice rebuilt, but ruins still of the structure remain.

Rush Street Bridge, Chicago, I11., erected in 1884 at a cost of $132,000, is the largest general traffic drawbridge in the world. Its roadway will accommodate four teams abreast, and its foot passages are seven feet wide. It is swung by steam power and lighted by electric light.

Victoria Bridge, Montreal (tubular), 9,144 feet long; Louisville, over Ohio River (truss), 5,218 feet long; Trajans, over Danube River (stone), 4,770 feet long ; Cincinnati, over Ohio River (suspension), 2,220 feet long; St. Louis, over the Mississippi (steel), 2,045 feet long ; Highbridge, Harlem (stone), 1,460 feet long.