Pre-Payment Compulsory.


Letters notexceeding 1/2 oz.


Australia via England...........................

12 cts.

2 cts.

Australia, except New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania, via San Francisco.....

5 "

2 "

Canada and British N. A. provinces, except

New found land

each oz. 2 cts.

ec. 2 oz. 1 ct.

Cape Good Hope and Colony

15 "

4 "

China via England

13 "

5 "


15 "

4 "

New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tas-mania and New Zealand via San Francisco....

12 "

2 "


15 "

4 "


21 "

5 "

Canada. - Same as in United States.

Mexico. - Same as United States. Limit of weight of single packages, 4 lb3. 6 oz., except single printed books, which may weigh more. Merchandise mu3t be sent by parcel post.

Bahamas, Barbadoes, Honduras (British), Jamaica, U. S of Colombia, Hawaii Islands. Leeward Islands, Salvador and Mexico. - Merchandise may be sent by parcel post, 12 cents a pound, or fraction thereof. Limit of weight, 11 pounds.

Letters, postal cards, printed matter of all kinds, commercial documents and samples of merchandise are transmissible in Postal Union mails. The following are considered as printed matter, viz.: Newspapers and periodical works, books stitched or bound, pamphlets, sheets of music, visiting cards, address cards, proofs of printing with or without the manuscript relating thereto, engravings, photographs, drawings, plans, geographical maps,catalogues, prospectuses, announcements and notices of various kinds, whether printed, engraved, lithographed or autographed.

Address cards and all printed matter presenting the form and consistency of an unfolded card may be forwarded without band, envelope, fastening or fold. The maximum weight of printed matter is fixed at 2 kilograms (4 lbs. 6 oz.). Postage on printed matter, one cent for each 2 oz.