Jog. - Generally used where a horse has won easily.

Left at the Post. - A term used on the running turf, where a horse scores for races, but refuses to go on.

Levanted. - Applied to a word-c ]f-mouth bettor, who disappears as soon as he ascertains that he has lo3t.

Level-headed. - Steady. The opposite of flighty.

Lift. - A term used by drivers when manipulating the reins to rouse a horse to greater exertion.

Maiden. - A horse that has never won a running race.

Match Race. - One made expressly between horses, usually not more than two, in contradistinction to a race for a purse.

Mile and Repeat. - A race in which a mile is trotted and then repeated, the horse winning each mile being the winner.

Mixed-gaited. - When a horse changes from a trot to a pace, or runs in front and trots behind, he is said to be mixed-gaited.

Moral. - "A moral"is a "sure thing." It is a contraction of "a moral certainty."

Mount. - A jockey who is engaged to ride a horse in a race is said to have been given the mount.

Musician. - A horse that roars.

Naming at Post. - Naming the starters at the starting-post; used on the running turf.

Nobble - To poison a horse on the eve of a race, or otherwise unfit him.

Nomination - The entry or naming of a horse or embryo foal for a race.

Off - Out of condition; off the feed.

Office - The same thing as the tip, which is secret information as to the condition of a horse or the purpose in the race of those who have him in charge. It is called "the straight tip" when the information comes from owner, trainer or rider.

On - To be "on" is to back a horse. A person is also "on" who fancies he knows what will be the outcome of a race that other persons believe is to be conducted squarely.

Open The Gap - To draw away from the others.

Outsiders - All persons who do not, in one way or another, thrive by means of racing.

Permission - Assent from the judges to dismount or get out of the sulky.

Plates - Light shoes worn by horses for racing.

Play or pay - Either start or lose the money paid for entry.

Pole - The inside or inside fence of a track.

Pole-Horse - One of a double team; the one having the inside of the track.

Pool - A combination or aggregation of bets. A clique.

Protest - A complaint made to the judges for having been fouled or otherwise obstructed; a complaint against a horse-driver or jockey who is not qualified to enter in a certain race or go upon a certain track.

Pulled - When a horse is prevented by his driver from winning a race, he is said to have been pulled.

Pulling a Horse - Riding or driving to lose, by repressing the speed of a horse. The same thing is popularly but erroneously called " hip-podroming."

Punting - When a man backs a horse for small stakes he is called " a punter;" and if he uses the money he wins on one race to bet on the one next succeeding, he is said to be "playing on velvet." That is, as he cannot lose, he has " a soft thing."

Quarter-Horse - In running turf parlance, a horse good for a short distance only.

Quarter-Pole - The first dividing line of a mile track.

Quitter - A horse that loses heart in a race; a "duffer" or bolter.

Racker - A horse having a gait between a pace and a trot.

Rattle-Headed - Unsteady, flighty, unreliable.

Recall - A call back after a false start.

Record - The time made by a horse, under the rules; more specific-ally, his best time.

Right Off the Reel - Winning in straight heats.

Ringer - A running or trotting horse that is entered for or participates under an alias in races slower than those of his class.

Road-Horse - A horse used for road-driving.

Roarer - A horse that is broken-winded or breathes laboriously.

Ruled Off - Banished from a track or all tracks for infraction of rules.

Rules to Govern - The National Association Rules are generally meant when this expression is used.

Ruck - The main body of horses in a running race, neither the lead-ers nor the tailers, the latter of whom are termed whippers iu.

Sandwiched - When running and trotting races are alternated at the same meeting, the events are said to be sandwiched.

Score - The starting-point on a track; to score for a start.

Scratch - When a horse won a race through an accident.

Season - The duration of racing or stud service for the year.

Sent - Driven to win, or driven fast.

Set Back - When a horse has finished first in a heat through an infraction of the rules, the second horse is given his place, this is called a "setback."

Shake up - To rouse or encourage a horse.

Shut Out - Ahorse that is distanced or prevented from getting ahead of the others.

Side-Wheeler - A pacer.

Skip - A short break.

Spin - A short burst of speed; a sharp drive; used by road-riders.

Split Heats - Heats divided among the contestants.

Spoked - Having the spokes taken out of a wheel by the hub of another's vehicle.

Square Away - To get away steady from the start.

Square Gaited - Of level, steady action.

Starter - The person who sees that the horses are in proper positions and that they get away together.

Stayer - A horse that maintains steadiness and has the ability to go a long race without distress.

Steady - Pure-gaited, level-headed; to keep a horse well in hand.

Steeplechase - A running race in which fences, ditches and other obstructions are to be jumped.

Straight Heats - Heats of any race which are won in succession by one horse. As a technicality the race is not one of straight heats if the first heat is "dead" or is lost by a horse that wins the race in the next consecutive heats.

Stride - The distance from the point where a horse's hind foot leaves the ground to where it is put down.

Sugared - Bribed or paid to throw a race or heat.

Suspended - Ruled off a track or tracks for a time.

Sweepstakes - A race in which the winner of first and second horses takes the stakes, each owner contributing an equal amount.

Swerve - Going out of the regular course, such as cutting in ahead of an opponent.

Ticker. - Stop-watch.

Time-bar. - A record which bars a horse from entering into a slower class.

Tip. - Is secret information as to the condition of a horse or the pur-pose in the race of those who have him in charge. It is called the "straight tip" when the information comes from owner, trainer, or rider.

Track Horse. - A horse used exclusively for racing.

Train on. - When a horse is able to race season after season, and improve.

Trial. - A private test of a horse's speed.

Turned Out. - Withdrawn from the turf and stabled or pastured.

Touts. - Hangers-on around stables for the purpose of picking up information and selling it.

Unplaced. - On the running turf, where a field of more than four start, the first four are numbered as they cross the score at the finish; the rest are unplaced.

Untried Horse. - Said of a stallion or a mare whose progeny has not yet been a winner.

Wagon (To). - To be driven to a skeleton four-wheeled vehicle.

Walk Over. - A race in which all the contestants but one are with-drawn.

Weaver. - A pacer is sometimes called a weaver from the peculiar motion of the head and neck while in motion.

Weight-for-Age. - The handicap or weight apportioned to a horse according to age.

Weighing-in - Weighing the jockeys with their whips and saddles, or drivers in a handicap race, before the start.

Weights - Metal appliances for a horse's feet, to steady him or con-vert from one gait to another. A bar of metal carried by a driver to bring him to the required weight.

Wearing Silk - Said of a jockey when he has donned the full suit of his stable.

Welcher - One who bets with no intention or means of paying if he loses.

Welter Weights - Heavyweights.

Whippers-in - The mam body of horses in a running race - neither the leaders nor the tailers, the latter of whom are termed whippers-in. Winded - Blown out, exhausted. Winning Straight - See "Straight Heats."

Wire - The line from the judge's stand which marks the score. Word - The signal from the judges for a fair start.