We present the Reader with "the Freedom of the Cupboard," one of the greatest privileges that can be conferred upon civilized and domesticated being

The Corner Cupboard has, for many centuries, been an object cherished in the homes of the people. It has been the receptacle of the most treasured and time-honored objects. Old people have kept the keys of the Corner Cupboard with a degree of pride, and have felt themselves to be the conservators of the domestic weal by holding sacred the contents of the family treasury. When the Corner Cupboard has been opened, children have gathered round their grandmammas, and have stood on tip-toe to catch a glimpse of what the Corner Cupboard contained.

So may it be with our Literary "Corner Cupboard." Every time it is opened we trust that some new object of value and interest will be found; and that the family circle, from the silver-haired grandmamma, to the auburn-haired boy, will gather in a group and rejoice whenever " The Corner Cupboard" is unlocked.

Our "Corner Cupboard" contains many hundreds of Useful Facts, and useful facts, as they are commonly termed, are most properly the demand of the age; and this demand, it is the object of the present work to sir Besides Facts about the Food we Consume, the Clothes we Wear, and the House we Live in, we have herein - Facts from Arts, Sciences, and Literature: As, - The liberal and Mechanical Arts - Philosophical and Musical Instruments - Chronological Divisions - Architectural Orders - Months and Days - Poetical and Literary Terms - The Stereoscope and Photography - Drawing, Music, and Oil Painting.

Facts from Commerce and Manufactures, deal with. Metals, Minerals, Woods and Alkalies - Gems and Precious Stones - Colors and Paints - Curious Trees - Silk, Flax and Cotton, Pottery, Glass, and Paper - Bleaching and Dyeing - Gold Ores and Manufactures - Weights and Measures; while our Facts from Anatomy and Physiology, relate to the Bones, Muscles, Nerves, Arteries, and Blood - The Laws of Health: How to Preserve and How to Restore it - Ventilation and the Sanitary Laws, etc We also present Facts from the Garden and the Field: - As, the Culture and Management oŁ the favorite Flowers, Weeds, Grasses, Vegetables, and Agricultural Operations. We have, indeed, gleaned Facts from all Subjects and for Everybody ; Including Etiquette - The Philosophy of Eating, Drinking, and Cooking - Popular Science of Com mon Things - Laws of Chess, Draughts, Billiards, Whist, Cribbage, and Cricket - Calendar of the Months - Domestic Natural History - Education - Curious Tables - Signification of known Christian Names - In short, all those things which have the magic power of metamorphosing " bleak houses" into happy homes. And thus we claim for the work universality of scope as well as utility of aim, and present it with confidence, as comprising, in a pre-eminent degree, "Things not generally known ; Things that ought to be known ; and Things worth knowing ;" the whole collated and condensed with most scrupulous anxiety for accuracy as well as originality.

In the treatment of the work, care has been taken to give the plainest and clearest definitions of whatever is described or set before the reader, so as to be neither tedious in explanation, nor so compressed as not to be intelligible and practically useful. In a word, "The Corner Cupboard" will be found to contain treasures of knowledge upon every conceivable subject, having reference to the health, happiness or amusement of the domestic circle, and it will become a household phrase, when a member of a family needs the aid of knowledge upon an_v subject "You will find it in THE CORNER CUPBOARD."