Zodiac. A space round the heavens among the fixed start, 15 degrees wide, the centre of which is the plane of the ecliptic, and it corresponds in breadth with the inclination of the sun's axis of 70°30', which therein produces a maximum of force in that plane of the medium of space, but expanding as it diffuses around. The distant stars within it are divided into twelve portions, called signs: six to the north of the earth's equator, and six to the south; altogether fanciful, hut refilling to the business of the season, when first applied, though to these superstition has annexed whimsical influences. The names of these signs, their hieroglyphics, and the days on which the sun enters them, are as follow: NoRtheRN Signs - Aries, the Ram, 21st of March. Taurus, the Bull, 19ih of April, Gemini, the Twins, 20th of May. Cancer, the Crab, 21st June. Leo, the Lion, 22nd of July. Virgo, the Virgin, 22nd of August. Southern Signs - Libra, the Balance, 23rd of September. Scorpio, the Scorpion, 23rd of October. Sagittarius, the Archer, 22nd of November. Capricornus, the Goat, 21st of December. Aquarius, the Water-bearer, 20th of January. Pisces, the Fishes, 19th of February. As we reckon the year by the earth's motions, and the solar year is 50 25" of a degree shorter than the sidereal, so the time when the sun is on our equator is earlier every year by 20'23" of time; hence the equinoctial points recede among the stars; but as we always call the ascending point Aries, so the original stars go forward, and the equinoctial, with reference to them, recedes 50' 25" in a year; 1° 23'45" in a century; a sign in 2,150 years; and the whole circle 25.791 years. It is, however, a mere change in relative appearances, and produces no mundane affection whatever.