Szegedin Soap

Tallow, 120 parts; palm kernel oil, 80 parts. Saponify well with about 200 parts of lye of 24° Bé. and add, with constant stirring, the following fillings in rotation, viz., potash solution, 20° Be., 150 parts, and cooling salt solution 20° Bé., 380 parts.

Instrument Soap

A soap for cleaning surgical instruments, and other articles of polished steel, which have become specked with rust by exposure, is made by adding precipitated chalk to a strong solution of cyanide of potassium in water, until a cream-like paste is obtained. Add to this white castile soap in fine shavings, and rub the whole together in a mortar, until thoroughly incorporated. The article to be cleaned should be first immersed, if possible, in a solution of 1 part of cyanide of potash in 4 parts of water, and kept there until the surface dirt and rust disappears. It should then be polished with the soap, made as above directed.

Stain-Removing Soaps

These are prepared in two ways, either by making a special soap, or by mixing ordinary soap with special detergents. A good recipe is as follows:


Ceylon cocoanut

or palm seed oil 320 pounds Caustic soda lye,

38° Bé........ 160 pounds

Carbonate of potash, 20° Bé ... . 56 pounds Oil of turpentine. 9 pounds Finely powdered

kieselguhr..... 280 pounds

Brilliant green.. . . 2 pounds The oil having been fused, the dye is mixed with some of it and stirred into the contents of the pan. The kieselguhr is then crutched in from a sieve, then the lye, and then the carbonate of potash. These liquids are poured in in a thin stream. When the soap begins to thicken, add the turpentine, mold, and cover up the molds.


Rosin grain soap. 1,000 pounds Talc (made to a paste with weak carbonate of

potash)....... 100 pounds

Oil of turpentine. 4 pounds

Benzine......... 3 pounds

Mix the talc and soap by heat, and when cool enough add the turpentine and benzine, and mold.


Cocoanut oil.....    600 pounds

Tallow..........    400 pounds

Caustic soda lye. .    500 pounds

Fresh ox gall.....    200 pounds

Oil of turpentine.      12 pounds Ammonia (sp. gr.,

0.91)..........        6 pounds

Benzine.........        5 pounds

Saponify by heat, cool, add the gall

and the volatile liquids,  and mold.