Rust paper is produced by coating strong packing paper with linseed-oil varnish, size, or any other binder, and sprinkling on the powder given in previous formula. For use the paper must be moistened with petroleum.

Anti-Rust Pastes


This preparation serves for removing rust already present, as well as for preventing same, by greasing the article with it: Melt 5 parts of crude vaseline on the water bath, and mix with 5 parts of finely levigated powdered pumice stone into a uniform mass. To the half-way cooled mass add 0.5 part of crude acid oxalate of potassium (sorrel salt) in a finely powdered state and grind into complete homogeneity.


Dry tallow, 25 parts; white wax, 23 parts; olive oil, 22 parts; oil of turpentine, 2.5 parts; mineral oil, 10 parts. Apply with a brush at the fusing temperature of the mixture.

Rust Prevention for Iron Pipes

The pieces of pipe are coated with tar and filled with light wood sawdust, which is set afire. This method will fully protect the iron from rust for an unlimited period, rendering a subsequent coat altogether superfluous.

Rust Preventive for Tools, etc


To preserve tools, dies, etc., from rust, they should be greased well with yellow vaseline. To use oil is not advisable, since all oils, except the dear ones, which are too expensive for this purpose, contain a certain percentage of acid that has an injurious effect upon the steel and iron articles. For greasing the cavities use a hard brush.


Carefully heat benzine and add half its weight of white wax, which dissolves completely in this ratio. This solution is applied to the tools by means of a brush. It is also said to protect against the action of acidiferous fumes.


Take a pound of vaseline and melt with it 2 ounces of blue ointment— what druggists call one-third—and add, to give it a pleasant odor, a few drops of oil of wintergreen, cinnamon, or sassafras. When thoroughly mixed pour into a tin can—an old baking-powder can will do. Keep a rag saturated with the preventive to wipe tools that are liable to rust.

To Separate Rusty Pieces

By boiling the objects in petroleum, success is cer-

tain. It is necessary to treat them with alcohol or spirit to avoid subsequent oxidation, petroleum being in itself an oxidant.

To Protect Zinc Roofing from Rust

Zinc sheets for roofing can easily be protected against rust by the following simple process. Clean the plates by immersing them in water to which 5 per cent of sulphuric acid has been added, then wash with pure water, allow to dry and coat with asphalt varnish. Asphalt varnish is prepared by dissolving 1 to 2 parts asphalt in 10 parts benzine; the solution should be poured evenly over the plates, and the latter placed in an upright position to dry.