[AS.] A hard substance, usually of considerable length, growing on the heads of some animals, and also as the hoofs, claws, or nails of animals generally. The horns of the Ox family are never shed ; the antler of the deer is bone, and is shed annually. Horn is a tough, flexible, semi-transparent substance, and is softened by heat. It is composed of thickened albumen, with small portions of gelatine and phosphate of lime. Horn when heated may be moulded into almost any shape, which it will keep when cold. The horns of the ox, cow, bison, buffalo, sheep, goat, and antelope are made into many highly ornamental and useful articles - such as handles for knives, forks, umbrellas, and walking-sticks ; also into spoons, snuff-boxes, buttons, etc. Combs are made from flattened sheets of horn, which are got after the horn has been steeped in water for a considerable time.