Crape, a light, transparent stuff, somewhat similar to gauze : it is made of raw silk, gummed, twisted on the mill, and woven without crossing. It is mostly used for mourning.

Crape is either crisped or smooth : the former is double, and expresses a deeper mourning; the latter single, and is worn in ordinary epics, or for more distant relations. The silk destined for the-first, is more closely twisted than that for the second; as the greater or less degree of twisting, especially of the warp, produces the crisping given it, when taken out of the loom, immersed in clear water, and robbed with a piece of wax.

Crapes are either black or winter the latter are used chiefly in the dress of young persons, or such as are devoted to celibacy. The former sort is always dyed in a raw state, that it may more deeply imbibe the colour.