Embroidery, a work in gold, silver, or silk-thread, wrought by the needle upon cloth, stuffs, or muslin, into various figures.

In the embroidery of stuffs, the work is performed in a frame, as the easy manner of working them depends upon the proper expansion of the piece. Muslin is spread upon a pattern, on which the figures intended to be wrought, are delineated. Embroidery on the loom is less tedious than the other method, in which, while the flowers are working, it becomes necessary to count all the threads of the muslin ; this latter mode, however, is much richer in points, and is like-vise susceptible of greater variety. Cloths which are milled too much, will not easily admit of such ornament. The thinnest and finest muslins only are left for this purpose, and are embroidered to the greatest perfection in Saxony. Of late years, this work has been attempted in England and Scotland ; but it has not yet arrived at that degree of perfection to which it has been carried in France and Germany.

There are various kinds of embroidery, namely, 1. Embroidery on the stamp ; where the figures are raised and rounded, cotton or parchment being paced beneath, in order to support them. 2. Low embroidery: in which the silver or gold lies low upon the sketch or pattern, and is stitched with siik of the same colour. 3. Guimpcd embroidery, which is performed either in gold or silver : a design is first made upon the cloth, and then placed on cut vellum ; after which the gold or silver is sown on with silk-thread. 4. Embroidery on loth sides ; which is thus denominated, from its appearing on both sides of the stuff. 5. Plain embroidery ; where the figures are flat and even, being totally desti-tute of ornaments.

By the statute 22 Geo. II. c. 36, no foreign embroidery, or gold or silver brocade, shall be imported, on pain of being forfeited and burnt, and a fine of 100l. for every piece. Nor shall any person sell or expose to sale, any foreign embroidery, gold, or silver thread, lace, fringe, brocade, etc. or make the same up into any garment, on pain of having it forfeited and burnt, and of paying a penalty of l00l.: the mercer, or other person in whose custody it may be found, incurs a similar fine.