Grove, in gardening, is a small wood impervious to the rays of the sun.

Groves constitute one of the chief ornaments of our gardens : they also afford the greatest relief against the scorching rays of the sun, while the rest of the garden is parched with heat; so that without a grove, every large garden must be defective.

Groves are either open or close. The former are composed of large shady trees, arranged at such distances as to prevent the rays of the sun from penetrating through their intertwining branches. Close groves frequently contain large trees ; but the ground beneath is so thickly planted with shrubs as to form private walks, sheltered from the wind. These are often contrived, in order to bound the open groves, or to conceal the walls or other in-closures of the garden : and, when properly laid out, with dry walks winding through them, between .fragrant shurbs and flowers apparently irregular, they have a most pleasing effect.

In the planting of groves, the trees should be placed at diagonal intervals, by which mode they will-acquire a more noble appearance, and also form a shade much sooner than such as are planted indirect lines.