Saltwort, or Glasswort, Salsola, L. a genus of plants comprising nine species, of which two are indigenous : namely,

1. The kali, Prickly Saltwort, or Kelpwort, grows frequently on sandy sea-shores, and flowers in the months of July and August.

2. The fruticosa, Shrubby Saltwort, or Shrub Stone-Crop, thrives likewise on sandy sea-shores, and flowers in the month of August.

Both these species are used for making the salt known under the name of kali, considerable quantities of which are employed in the manufacture of glass. - The process is as follows : A trench being dug near the sea, laths are placed across it, on which the herb is laid in heaps; heaps: is then kindled below, and the liquor extracted from the bottom, where it ulti consistence, when which is partly of a black, and partly ash-colour ; up and cor of a strong saline taste. When the hardenand in that state is lit for use. - See vol. iii. p. -45.

Jointed Saltwort, or Salicornia, L. a genus of plants, comprising nine species; one of which only; to Dr. WithERING, but, in the opinion of Dr. Smith, two, are natives of Britain, viz.

1. The herbacca, Jointed GL wort, Sea-grass MARSH rhire, is very shores, and flower in the months ;August and September

2. The fruticosa, or Shrubby Samphire, grows likewise on seashores and the sides of roads, Where it flowers from August to September.

The ashes of both these species yield fossil alkali, which is in great request for manufacturing soap and glass. It is chiefly prepared on the coast, and is called soda ; the best of which is imported from Spain, under the name of barilla. - When young and green, this vegetable, steeped in vinegar, with a due portion of salt, affords a pickle very little inferior to samphire. - The whole plant has a saline taste, and is devoured with avidity by all kinds of cattle, being a very wholesome food, especially for sheep.

Black Saltwort, or Sea Milkwort, Glaux maritima, L. a native perennial plant, v. grows in salt-marshes, and flowers in the mouths of June and July. - This used as a picki ten d among ot - It is also much Relish-Bbchstkis ob-that it uncommonly increases their milk ; on which account it merits, to be cultivated in congenial soils.