Shepherd's Purse, the Common, or Shepherd's Pouch, Thlaspi Bursa pastoris, L. a native plant, growing; among rubbish, on road-sides, walls, in corn-fields, and gravelly walks ; flowering from March to September. - Dr. Wi-THERING observes, that this herb eyinces the influence of soil and climate on vegetables; as it thrives in almost any place, bears flowers, and perfect seeds, when only two inches high; while, in more favourable situations, it attains the height of two or three feet.

According to BRadley, the dried leaves of the Shepherd's Purse, reduced to powder, and Taken in red wine, form an effica-cious remedy in diarrhoeas, ' and Other fluxes, where astringents are indicated. - The expressed juice of this plant, operates as a powerful styptic, especially in bleedings from the nose, when introduced into the nostrils.