Smoking, a practice of consuming tobacco, by which the cut leaves of this drug, being previously put into a pipe, are kindled; and the fume or smoke, after being inhaled, is discharged through the mouth.

Smoking has been strongly recommended by Dr. Short; on account of its beneficial effects to persons of gross, phlegmatic, and corpulent habits; as the fumes of" tobacco are supposed to accelerate the slow circulation of their blood. It is, likewise, said to be occasionally useful to such as are liable to catarrhs, especially during chilly, and damp weather, provided it does not exceed the limits of moderation ; but persons of this description ought always to employ a long, and thoroughly clean pipe, frequently taking a little beer, tea, or similar diluent liquors: they should, however, not resort to such practice, a short time before or after meals; because it then mate-rially contributes to retard digestion.

No young people, especially those of lean habits, should indulge in smoking ; for, though in certain cases, it may be productive of advantage, it is to them extremely de-trimental; exciting giddiness, nausea, violent purging, etc. in consequence of which, many persons have contracted the disgusting practice of parting with their .saliva every minute; and have thus eventually smoked themselves into a consumption.

Farther, habitual smoking during the summer, is more prejudicial to health, than in the winter; from the increased evacuation of saliva, which it necessarily occasions ; and from its being also apt to render the body feverish. Another inconvenience attending this practice is, that it renders the teeth of a yellow, or black, hue; and, while foul pipes, are employed, it is apt to corode these useful bones, so as to taint the breath, and even to induce putrid ulcers in the gums. Hence, we seriously advise all persons carefully to refrain from this absurd custom, unless it be indicated as a medicine, in the cases above mentioned ; for it not only vitiates their fluids, but weakens the digestion, and eventually im-stupeies, the energy of the mind.