Stavesacre, or Delphinium, Staphisagria, L. an exotic plant, growing in the southern parts of Europe, and particularly in Italy, whence its rough, blackish seeds are imported. They possess a disagreeable odour, and a nauseous, bitterish taste. Their chief use, at present, is, for destroying fleas and similar vermin 3 and if horses, or other animals, be occasionally washed with a decoction of the seeds of the stavesacre (in the proportion of one ounce to 1 \ pint of water), all nits, etc. will be effectually exterminated.

These seeds were formerly celebrated for their purgative qualities ; but, on account of their violent operation, are now exploded from the list of internal medicines. Jf, however, a small portion of such poison should have been accidentally swallowed, the most proper antidote will be either an immediate and brisk emetic ; or, if some time have elapsed, large draughts of oily, mucilaginous, milky, or other demulcent liquors, should, be swallowed, with a view to prevent art inflammation of the intestines.