Vanilla, or Epidendron nectarium, v. Vanilla, L. is an exotic parasitical plant, -growing in Mexico, whence its long slender pods, containing numerous black grains. are imported into Spain, and thence into England. - These seeds are warm and aromatic; possessing an oily taste, and a fragrant odour, similar to that of the Peruvian balsam: balsam: they are used chiefly for imparting an agreeable flavour to chocolate, in the proportion of one grain to an ounce : the drug itself is said to be resolvent and corroborant ; to afford relief in flatulency; and to promote the digestion of the oily matter contained in the cacao. On the other hand, if it be too freely used, its narcotic effects, though exhilarating at first, like opium, are succeeded by uncommon debility, and relaxation of the nerves. - When the fresh pods are opened, they exhale such powerful fragrance, as to intoxicate the person thus employed.