Zizany, the Water, or Zi-zania aquatica, L. is a native of North America, where it glows in wet and marshy situations. - The root of this vegetable is fibrous, and strikes forth many angular, smooth stalks of a serpentine form. The panicle on the central stalk is generally four feet long, while those on the others never exceed twelve inches. The large, oval, yellowish, mealy seed attains to maturity in September, and has the agreeable taste of rice ; on which account it is much esteemed by the American Indians, who carefully collect and convert it into Bread, or other culinary dishes. Hence Linnaeus recommends its culture in situations abounding with reeds, and producing no other useful plant. In such places, we are persuaded, many and important advantages might be derived from the introduction of the zizany into marshy counties, especially those of Lincoln, Cambridge, etc.

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