In making his decisions the Referee must recognize and allow precedence to any penalty inflicted by the umpire for a foul.

The Referee's decisions are final upon all points not specified under the duties of the Umpire.

The Referee shall see that the ball is properly put in play, and he is judge of its position and progress.

He is judge of forward passes, of interference with the snap-back, and of the advance of the ball by the player who first receives it from the snapper-back when the ball is put in play from a scrimmage (Rule 16, a and e), and offenses under Rule 18, c.

At the beginning of a game and in every case after time has been taken out, he shall ascertain from each captain that his team is ready, before ordering play to begin-

He is sole authority for the score of the game and is judge of forfeiture of the game under the rules.

The Referee may appeal to both the Umpire and Linesman for testimony upon all points within his jurisdiction.

The Referee must volunteer testimony to the Umpire concerning infringement of Rule 27 (c and f).