Special Hazards or Conditions

When necessary, Local Rules should be made for such obstructions as trees, hedges, fixed seats, fences, gates, railways, and walls, for such difficulties as rabbit scrapes, hoof marks, and other damage caused to the course by animals, and for such local conditions as the existence of mud which may be held to interfere with the proper playing of the game.

Ball, When " Dropped "; When " Placed "

When a ball is lifted under a Local Rule, as in the case of a ball lifted from a putting-green other than that of the hole which is being played, the Rules of Golf Committee recommends that if it is to be played from "through the green," it should be dropped; if it is to be played on the putting-green of the hole that is being played, it should be placed.

Form And Make Of Golf Clubs

The Rules of Golf Committee intimates that it will not sanction any substantial departure from the traditional and accepted form and make of golf clubs, which, in its opinion, consist of a plain shaft and a head which does not contain any mechanical contrivance, such as springs.