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Genoa | John Stoddard's Lectures

Genoa. Illustrated and embellished with views of the world's famous places and people, being the identical discourses delivered during the past eighteen years under the title of the Stoddard lectures.

TitleGenoa - John L. Stoddard's Lectures
AuthorJohn L. Stoddard
PublisherNorwood Press
Copyright1901, John L. Stoddard
AmazonJohn L. Stoddard's Lectures 13 Volume Set
If Genoa in the person of Christopher Columbus discovered America, America in its turn may be said to have discovered Genoa. A dozen years ago comparatively few Americans ever visited the place, un...
-Genoa. Part 2
Early Home Of Columbus, Genoa. A Corner Of Genoa's Harbor. With these advantages, Genoa naturally grew to be a financial centre of the first importance, and her once celebrated Banco di San Gi...
-Genoa. Part 3
One of the oldest and most interesting architectural souvenirs of ancient Genoa is the dark, square Tower of the Embriaci, which rises f rowningly above the mass of ordinary buildings that surround it...
-Genoa. Part 4
Palace Of The University, Via Balbi. Staircase In The Palace Of The University. Courtyard Of The Municipal Palace. A Room In The Palazzo Rosso. Monument To The Duke Of Galliera, Gen...
-Genoa. Part 5
Mosaic Portrait Of Marco Polo, Municipal Palace. Exterior Of The Municipal Palace. For him that precious frame possessed a personality and character, if not an actual intelligence, and he was ...
-Genoa. Part 6
The House In Which Paganin1 Was Born, Genoa. Portrait Of Lamba Doria, Palazzo Doria. Church Of San Matteo, Genoa. Portrait Of Andrea Doria, Palazzo Doria, Genoa. The House Of Andrea...
-Genoa. Part 7
Statue Of Andrea Doria As Neptune, Palazzo Doria. Vestibule Of The Palazzo Dor1a. A Ceiling In The Palazzo Doria. The Darsena, Where Fiesco Was Drowned. Thenceforth, in fact, his gover...
-Genoa. Part 8
A High Wind In A Highway. Bedroom Of The Doge Of Genoa, Eighteenth Century. It is agreeable, too, in Genoa on a summer's day to leave the glare and tumult of the broader streets and enter such...
-Genoa. Part 9
Memorial To Giuseppe Venzano, Campo Santo. The Figure Of Religion, In Genoa's Campo Santo. Nothing is easier (and alas! more common) than to make flippant criticisms upon mortuary monuments, u...
-Genoa. Part 10
The Da Passano Monument. Simple Grief. The Drago Monument. Of all the works of art, however, which line these mortuary halls, that which impressed me most was the memorial to Carlo Erba - anot...
-Genoa. Part 11
The Mazzini Monument And Statue Of Victor Emmanuel. A Beautiful Memorial Hall. The Birthplace Of Mazzini. Statue Of Mazzini In The Courtyard Of The Municipal Palace. Internationals and...

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