The season for muzzles, just when the dog requires a free mouth more than ever, will come around. No comfortable muzzle has yet been invented - nor is it likely to be, since every self-respecting dog has personal objections to being constantly faced by a cage arrangement, and will show his distaste by rubbing on the ground and pawing, with the result that he very soon will make raw and sore places. The buckle of the strap used to fasten the muzzle needs to be carefully arranged and padded to prevent this. Even though this and every other care be taken, in many cases the trouble results, and every owner of good dogs knows how difficult it is when once the hair has been destroyed to bring up appearances again to their original excellence.

Tonic Pill For Dog After A Show

Here is a good recipe for dogs when returning from a show or after any specially hard work. It makes an excellent pill for appetite, and being a mild laxative, is just what a dog ought to have when he comes home. Take of:

Compound powder of colocynth.................24 grains.

Sulphate' of iron .............................12 grains.

Sulphate of quinine...........................12 grains.

Powdered liquorice root ......................48 grains.

Extract of gentian, sufficient to make into a suitable mass. Divide into 16 pills (or 32 of half size if desired), Give one of the larger size to a dog of not more than 20 lbs. every four or five hours until a distinctly aperient effect is produced. The smaller pills will answer for smaller dogs, and large dogs can have two or three of the pills, according to circumstances. These pills are best prepared fresh as required. I prefer, however, to use Sergeant's, Clayton's or Dent's Condition Pills much handier. Gelatin or sugar coated, and easier to give.

Chronic Cough

"Pointed dog whose coat was good, healthy in every way, bowels regular, has acted dull for two weeks, wanting to lie down a good bit of the time. Taken for a run after a wheel unless I rode slowly, will begin to cough after a couple miles, and unless given a rest would cough as if he would strangle to death. It is a dry cough, and I have never seen him emit anything. He seldom coughs when at home. I treated for worms and got none, gave cough medicine and it done no good."


It is a chronic cough and hard to cure. Get the "Cough Pill" prescription filled as given in this book, and give a pill night and morning, keeping them up regularly for some weeks. (See Cough.)

Weak Joints

"Basset-hound pup, eleven months old, very weak in joints below pastern, which makes him weak as if he had tender fore feet. He does not knuckle over. I have commenced giving him Parrish's Chemical Food. Can I do better? He has no worms."


Continue the Parrish's food, and bathe the legs twice daily with a solution of Tidman's sea salt. Feed principally on raw meat.

Cold And Debility

"Prescribe for my English setter. She had a litter of five puppies, then one eye got sore and a film came over it; she lost her appetite and her milk dried up in two weeks. I have been feeding the puppies on cow's milk ever since. She eats barely enough to keep her alive. She does not run at the nose or the other eye, or cough. What is the matter with her?


Cold and debility. Give her a tablespoonful of the emulsion of Cod Liver Oil three times a day, feed raw, lean beel, chopped fine, milk and eggs, gelatin or anything she will eat, and give five grains of pepsin after meals. Use my eye lotion No. 2 twice a day."


"My setter, three years old, is subject to fits. Will hunt fast for three or four hours, then get so weak he staggers and finally lies down, unable to get up and limber as a rag; the spell will last an hour. Previous to these spells he is going fast and seems strong. Never whines or makes any noise while he has a fit. Is in good condition."


"Give 2 grains of iodide of potash three times daily for two weeks, together with one-sixtieth of a grain of strychnine." See also Fits.)

Bloody Mucus

"Please prescribe for my setter dog, three years old, whose bowels are loose, and he is constantly straining and passing a bloody mucus which is becoming quite offensive; his appetite is fairly good; hair in tolerable condition; he is lively enough and hunts quite fast and keeps going. I notice he is losing flesh. Is his condition serious?"


"Yes, it is serious. Give one ounce of castor-oil, and three times daily give one teaspoonful of the following mixture: Fluid extract' gentian root one dram, fluid extract hydrastis one dram, tincture of ginger one-half dram; water to make two ounces."

Bitch With Pups Won'T Eat

"English setter bitch, weight thirty-eight pounds, who has a litter of ten puppies, four weeks old. She does not eat as she should; every few days she will refuse food and vomit freely, and the only thing I can get her to eat is bread and milk. Her bowels are very loose. Puppies are in good condition. I have been giving them bread and milk also."


"Wean the puppies as soon as possible, feed the dam lean raw beef, chopped fine, if she will eat it. Give her three grains of pepsin after each meal, also give a tablespoonful of cod liver oil emulsion four times a day."

Urinating Too Often

"My pointer bitch, three years old, that has just had a litter of puppies, which I destroyed as soon as they were born. She tries to make water too often, at least twenty-five times in an hour. I had her out on Monday, September 5, and she tried to make water during the day at least five hundred times. What is the matter? Please prescribe."


"Give your bitch a teaspoonful of sanmetto three times a day for at least two weeks, and if necessary longer; she is suffering from inflammatory action of the uniary organs."