The most satisfactory list of kitchen utensils should include wares of each type.....

The question of heat conductivity and fuel saving may have arisen in your mind as a result of the claim of some enthusiastic salesman. Under laboratory conditions it may be possible to determine some slight difference in the heat conductivity of various materials used for utensils, but under home conditions and for all practical purposes we believe there is no difference in fuel economy.

For saucepans we would recommend both aluminum ware and enamel ware. Aluminum utensils will wear for years. With the exception of the very light grade, they are very sturdy and hold their shape. They must be given constant care, however, to keep them looking well. Enamel utensils will withstand heat and ordinary usage; but will chip if given a severe blow or if handled carelessly. This is due to the glasslike coating over the metal base. Utensils of this ware are very easily cleaned.

Both iron and aluminum are satisfactory for frying. For deep fat frying kettles, select the heavy grade of aluminum or cast-iron, and for sauteing, iron, or a rather heavy grade of aluminum or sheet steel is satisfactory.

For griddles one has a choice of heavy aluminum, or cast-iron. They all are satisfactory, although the iron griddles have been the favorite for many years because they need little care.

Roasters afford a wide range of choice. Good ones may be obtained in sheet steel, aluminumware, enamelware and glassware. The material of which the roaster is made has no effect upon the results it produces; it is the method of roasting which is the important factor. It is an advantage to have a covered roaster, even though the cover may not always be used, as it will be found desirable for those meats which require a long period of cooking.

For baking purposes oven-proof glass, porcelain, earthenware, tinware and Russia iron are all desirable. Casseroles of oven-proof glass and china can be used for serving at the table.

Select refrigerator storage dishes in either glass or enamelware. For pot roasting on top of the the stove, one should select cast-iron or heavy aluminum in the Dutch oven type of utensil.