Bead the General Instructions above.

You are only permitted to attempt seven questions.

*1. Plan of the angle of a brick building built in English bond.

Draw, to a scale of 1/2" to a foot, showing the joints of the bricks by single lines. (11.)

*2. Sketch, showing the end of a beam to be connected with a similar one by an ordinary scarfed joint.

Give a plan and elevation of the joint to a scale of 1" to a foot.

(11.) 3. Explain by sketches, or otherwise, the following terms: - edges shot - ploughed, tongued and V-jointed - mortised and housed. (11.)

*4. Section of a stone wall built of coursed, flat-bedded rubble.

Draw, to a scale of 3/4" to a foot, showing the stones in the wall, including two 3/4 bond stones, and adding a flush stone coping, weathered at top. (11.)

*5. Vertical cross section through the joints of a stone landing.

Draw, to a scale of 1/12, showing at A a rebated joint, and at B a joggled joint. (11.)

*6. Single line section of a cast-iron girder, 10" x 4" x 15" deep.

Taking the thickness of the top and bottom flanges at l 1/2" and 1" respectively, draw its section 1/4 full size, and state how such a girder ought to be used. (12.)

7. Draw, to a scale of 1/4, cross sections of the joints you would use in the lead gutter of a roof, to connect the ends of the sheets together. (12.)

1889 First Stage Or Elementary Examination Instruc 100435

*8. Elevation of the back of a framed and braced door.

Draw, to a scale of 3/4" to a foot, making any alteration you think advisable, and filling in with rebated and beaded battens. Only the joints in connection with the hanging style to be dotted in. (13.) 9. Give, to a scale of 3/4" to a foot, sections across a few floor boards showing the construction of -

A single floor with l 1/2" boards, rebated and filleted. A double floor with l 1/2" boards, grooved and tongued. (13.)

*10. Line diagram of an iron roof truss.

Draw, 1/3 full size, an elevation of the joint at the head of the truss the members consisting of T irons 2 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 1/2" and two bars 2 1/4" x i". , (13.)

11. Draw, to a scale of 3' to an inch, a cross section through a wooden roof over a 16' span, showing -

Rafters, 4" x 2".

Collar, 4 1/2" x 2", half-way up.

Ridge piece, 7" x l 1/2".

Wall plates, 4" x 2".

Brick walls, 14".

The rise to be 1/3 span, and the rafters not to be weakened in connecting the collar to them.

12. Draw, to a scale of 1/8, a cross section through a lead gutter at the back of a chimney shaft, showing all the details of construction, the rafters being 4" x 2", carrying Countess slates (3 courses to be shown) on 3/4" boards. (15)

*13. Elevation of a 4 1/2" trussed partition, to be constructed out of 9" x 3" and 9" x 2" deals.

Give its elevation, to a scale of 3 feet to an inch, writing against them the names and scantlings of the different members. (16.)

*14. Horizontal section through a window 1' 8" x 2' 6", to be fitted with a casement sash, hung to a solid frame and opening inwarda

Draw a vertical section through A - A, to a scale of l 1/2" to a foot, showing a stone head and sill, a l 1/4" window board, and a 2" sash, which must be weathertight. (16.)