1. Define engineer of plant, chief draftsman, squad boss, and tracers, and give their duties.

2. How is the work handled in a drafting room?

3. Describe the "laying out" of a plate.

4. Give briefly the methods of ordering of material.

5. Show method of making allowances for angle bends.

6. What are shop bills?

7. Make the straight line alphabet and show by arrows how the several strokes should be made.

8. What abbreviations are used in making drawings? Give them.

9. Show correct and incorrect methods of making arrow heads.

10. Show correct and incorrect methods of placing dimensions.

11. How are field rivets detailed?

12. Give an example of material notation for angles, plates, and I-beams.

13. Give the conventional rivet signs.

14. What is the minimum spacing for 3/4- and 7/8-inch rivets?

15. What are gauge lines?

16. What are "crimped" angles, and what is the rule regarding their rivet spacing?

17. Define "rivet grip."

18. Give several cases of "rivet clearance."

19. Tell how to determine the value of a rivet in tension.

20. How is the strength of a bolt in tension determined?

21. What are O-G and what are cut washers?

22. Describe with sketch, how to draw up the head of an eye bar.

23. Give eye-bar clearances.

24. How much larger than a bolt should the hole in an eye bar be?

25. Show by sketches the clearances allowed on members riveted to the same side of a plate.

Review Questions On The Subject Of Structural Drafting Part II

1. Give the maximum and minimum spacings on one gauge line, rivets 7/8 inch.

2. Show how to detail a clip angle.

3. What is a "working point"?

4. Show how to detail a lateral connection plate.

5. How are bevels indicated?

6. Describe a beam sheet. What are its advantages?

7. Define the term "cope."

8. Make sketches showing a 12-inch beam coped to a 9-inch beam flush at bottoms.

9. What are standard connections?

10. Make a sketch of the detail of the joint angle, of a roof truss.

11. What information should be on the stress sheet of a plate girder?

12. Show with sketches the correct manner of cutting the ends of a diagonal member.

13. How many sheets are required to detail a plate girder properly, and what are they?

14. Make a sketch showing the cross-section of a plate girder.

15. Give a brief description of the detailing of stirfeners.

16. Make a detail of a web splice.

17. How close may rivets be placed to stiffener angles?

18. Make sketch of a cast steel bearing.

19. What are lattice bars? How are they detailed?