Frontispiece. Title, "Valambrosa," made in Florence, Italy, by Wm. H. Phillips, of Liverpool, Ohio. This picture was produced with a No. 3 Folding Pocket Kodak; the lens used was a Goerz 5-inch focus, Series III; the negative was made on a non-curling film, developed with pyro-soda developer. The film was enlarged to 14x17. Used royal bromide, printed with a white margin. The bromide was developed with rodinal strong solution - one part rodinal, 6 parts water. The print was mounted on a combination mount first chocolate narrow border with gray support.



Made in Florence, Italy, by Wm. H. Phillips.

(See Page 369)

Study No. 1. Title, "Street Performance," by Grace E. Mounts, of Morrow, Ohio. Picture was made about noon, in the month of September, with a slightly hazy sky. Lens used was Rectilinear, furnished with cartridge kodak; stop used, f-8. Negative was made on an Eastman film; exposure, instantaneous. Film was developed in the regular way, without any after manipulation. Print was made on Velox. (See Page 25).

Study No. 3. Title, "At the Seashore," by John S. Neary, of Trenton, N. J. This picture was made with an instantaneous pocket kodak, 3 1/4x4 1/4. The exposure was made at 11 A. M., on a bright summer day. Film was developed with pyro-soda developer, and printed on velvet velox; mounted on a combination mount; first section neutral gray tint, second section, gray black. (See Page 111).

Study No. 4. Title, "Home, Sweet Home," by Grace E. Mounts, of Morrow, Ohio. This picture was made at 4:30 P. M., in the month of June, with a medium light, but not strong sunlight. The lens used was a Goerz Dagor, Series III, 6 1/2-inch focus; stop used, No. 8. Negative was made on an Eastman film, with a No. 4 Eastman cartridge kodak camera. Exposure given, 1/2, second. Negative was developed in the regular way, using pyro-soda developer, without any alteration. The print was made on velvet velox. (See Page 125).

Study No. 5. Title, "The After Glow," by H. H. Boyce, Buffalo, N. Y. This picture was made at the close of a fine summer day, at 8 P. M. The lens used was a Century No. 3; focal length, 6 inches; stop used, wide open; exposure given, 2 seconds; plate used, Seed Regular 26 X; developed with metol-hydroquinon with no after manipulation ; printing process, bromide enlargement to 10x12. (See Page 135).

Study No. 7. Title, "The Effort," by C. F. Clark, of Springfield, Mass. Was hung in the Fourth American Salon. This picture was made in the month of August; time of day, 10 A. M., with very bright sunlight. The lens used was a Cook lens; focal length, 13 inches; worked at stop f-8. Focus was made on the boy in the foreground; exposure given, 1/2 second; plate used, Orthonon; developer, ortol, and with no doctoring of the negative. (See Page 219).

Study No. 8. Title, "In the Gloaming," by Geo. H. Scheer, M. D., Sheboygan, Wis. Was hung in the Fourth American Salon. When making this picture, the weather was clear, but the heavens were slightly cloudy. Exposure was made late in the afternoon, early in the month of June. Lens used, Rapid Rectilinear, worked wide open; plate used, was an Orthonon; exposure given, 1 second, with a Burke & James Ideal Ray Filter; plate was developed by tank development, with 25 minute formula pyro-soda. The negative was unaltered, but the print from which this reproduction was made, was an enlargement on royal bromide, slightly shaded to give upper portions a slightly longer exposure, and redeveloped in sodium sulphide, after only partially bleaching in weak solution of potassium bromide and ferricyanide. (See Page 235).

Study No. 9. Title, "Wading the Stream," by John Chislett, Indianapolis, Ind. Exposure was made on a bright August day, about 5 P. M., with a Smith lens, full opening. The plate used was a Cramer instantaneous iso-chromatic. A cap exposure was made, about 1/2 second; the negative was developed in ortol, and there was no altering of the negative after development. Print was made on platinum paper, with the foreground slightly darkened in the printing, and the high-lights and sky worked in on the back of the negative. (See Page 249).

Study No. 10. Title, "A Winter Stream," by R. E. Weeks, Chicago, Ill. Hung in the Third American Salon. This picture was made in the month of March, at 10 A. M., with weather conditions quite bright. The lens used was a Ross Homocentric, 3 1/4x4 1/4; focal length, 5 1/2 inches; stop used, wide open; exposure given, 1-5 second, through Burke & James Isochrome Filter; plate used, film pack 3 1/4x4 1/4; developed in rodinal-hydroquinon. The diffused focus was obtained by focusing on foreground. The printing process was an 11x14 enlargement on Eastman platinoid bromide, and the picture was mounted on a cream margin sepia mount, backed with a carbon black mount. (See Page 297).

Study No. 11. Title, "January Frost," by Sweet Brothers, Minneapolis, Minn. Hung in the Fifty-Second Annual Exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. This picture was made under fleecy sunlight in January, at 4 P. M.; lens used was Zeiss, stopped at f/128; plate used, Seed Double-coated Orthonon; exposure given, 2 seconds; developed with eikonogen-hydroquinon, with no after treatment. Plate was made on velox, mounted on Scotch gray card. (See Page 339).