St. Paul, Minn., was selected for the 1911 meeting, Atlantic City running a close second. Kansas City was also a strong candidate. The photographers of the middle northwest seem to know a good thing when they get it and by turning out in full force and taking an active part in the selection of location and the voting thereon they were bound to win.

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Eastman Print Display

The new constitution is an evident success and to-day many state associations are working hand in hand with the P. A. of A.

The officers elected for 1911 are as follows:

President - G. W. Harris, Washington, D. C.

First vice president - Ben Larri-mer, Marion, Ind.

Second vice president - C. F. Townsend, Des Moines, la.

Secretary - M. W. Tyree, Raleigh, N. C.

Treasurer - L. A. Dozer, Bucy-rus, Ohio.

These officers are all experienced in convention organization and will undoubtedly make a good showing at St. Paul.

It can be truthfully said that the existing spirit now prevalent in the P. A. of A. is as it should be for the good of the fraternity. Let the good work go on.

Convention Dates Has Anybody Here Seen Velox ?

Photographers' Association of Virginia and Carolinas to be held at Richmond, Va., Sept. 6, 7, 8, 9; secretary, J. E. Alexander, Salisbury, N. C.

Nebraska Photographers' Association to be held at Lincoln, Nebraska, Sept. 27, 28, 29, 30; secretary, R. R. Roszell, Beatrice, Neb.

Dear Mr. Editor: Here I am again.

Of course I went to the convention ; of course I had a good time - everybody did. The educational demonstrations did me good, the exhibits did me good, meeting the old friends did me good, the beer - well, it didn't do me very bad.

Everybody seemed so happy that I began to fear I wasn't going to have anything to kick about. Three days of the convention had passed when a little card was thrust into my hand: "Has anybody here seen Velox? "

Nope - nobody had, but some advertising man who had evidently viewed the photographic profession through a Brownie finder had slipped a cog. Nobody had seen Velox, or cinematograph films or Kodak and Brownie cameras - at least not in the exhibits, although there were many Kodaks in the hands of the visiting professionals and their wives.

No, I had not seen Velox. Velox being one of your amateur products I did not expect to see it at a professional show. But I did see other amateur papers whose manufacturers were trying to straddle them into the professional class. I did see your professional papers, Artura and Aristo and Angelo and Etching

Black and I saw nothing in their respective classes to equal them.

What kind of a product can it be that cannot be sold on its own merit, but requires a prejudice creating knock to make it go ? If no more common sense is mixed with the emulsion than with such selling methods I should look for flat prints.

No, I did not see Velox - nor did I see any exhibit of aeroplanes, Persian kittens or hot cross buns. I didn't understand that Milwaukee was running a world's fair, I thought it was entertaining the P. A. of A. Yours truly,Stereoscope.


The Artura Iris prints used to illustrate this number of Studio Light are from the Sweet Studios of Minneapolis, Minn.

Experienced photographers demanding the best their negatives will produce appreciate the many superior qualities of Artura and find it a perfect paper for high grade portraiture.

A study of the illustrations proves beyond doubt that the Sweet Studios are expert in lighting and posing and worthy of the patronage of people who demand pictures of merit.

Convention Dates Has Anybody Here Seen Velox StudioLightMagazine1910 100


Wee gates - vas vill du haben - Zwie Schlitz und ein pig's knuckles - Say if I'd stayed in Milwaukee another week I never would be able to can that sort of talk.

Sure I've been to the Convention - the Boss says that he has got to keep on akin' me to conventions as he has got so much money invested in my education that he is like the man that had the bear by the tail - he dissent let go.

There wuss something' doing' every minute - most of the time good solid stuff too, not much on the art end of the game, but real stunts on how to do things that make the coin come in. An' I guess the manufacturers wuss out strong - say you ought to have seen the exhibits on Arturo Irish and Ariosto. I'm pretty well up on getting' results on Ariosto, as I cut my first tooth on an ole Ariosto print and now this Arturo looks good to me - seemed to look pretty good to every one else there, too.

And you ought to have seen the Eastman Professional exhibit: Hull Gee! Everything from a camera that travels clear around a circle an' will take the collar button on the back of your neck if you don't watch out, to all sorts of chemicals put up in packages slick enough to make you want to eat 'em.

They had an Eastman Plate Tank therewith the nickel plain' all wore off on one side, an' I sat the big fat man who had charge of the exhibit why he didn't have a new one to show, and he said it was new when it came there, but the nickering got wore off by people picking it up and patting it and saying "that's the stuff," "best thing I ever bought."

An' they had a tripod about fifteen feet high, and I sat the man how did you get up high enough to use it, and he says "Oh, there's an air ship goes with it" - Wonder if he wuss kidding me.

There wuss meetings going on all the time, and lectures and demonstrations, an' boat rides an' theater parties an' Schlitz parties - the only man that had any time to sleep wuss the night watchman at the hall.

They had an information bureau an' I asks the man there who wuss going to be President and he says they wuss goon' to try an' elect Harris, only he keep jumping around all over the place so that he wuss afraid they couldn't keep him in one place long enough to even nominate him.

They gave President Proctor a gold watch an' chain and Jimmy Evan-off a diamond ring - funny ain't it how the dossiers always lose their jewelry so they have to get 'em something new.

There wuss lots of nice looking lady photographers, and say, maybe you don't think they can go some when it comes to making pictures. The Boss had me go in and listen to that man Sheldon's lecture, and when Sheldon says some folks think, an' some folks think they think, and some only think that they think that they think - then he punched me in the ribs - wonder if he had it fixed up with Sheldon to josh me that way?

The Boss says we're going to St. Paul next year - hope they ain't got no hotel with a name like the one we stopped at in Milwaukee, you had to sneeze to pronounce it right.

The Boss also says if I don't quit using' so much of his time writing' to you an' to the reception room girl's sister, he won't take me next' year - so so long for this time.