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Incorporating The Aristo Eagle

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Vol. 2 AUGUST 1910 No. 6

Treat each customer with utmost courtesy at all times - redeem every promise - stretch a point, if necessary, to complete the transaction in a manner satisfactory to the customer and put the best there is in you in each picture that leaves the studio.

Eastman E-B Platinum is a departure from the ordinary in photographic papers. The pleasing tone qualities of E-B platinum are greatly increased by the buff stock now used and reports from E-B users indicate the increasing popularity of this paper in connection with high grade portraiture.

The 1910 Association Annual published by the P. A. of A. should be carefully preserved in the studio of every photographer. To those who did not attend the Milwaukee Convention it is especially valuable, as the reproduced portraits and accompanying text are illustrative of the splendid progress made by the

P. A. of A. during the past year. Progress along artistic and practical lines well worth careful study and emulation.

If every photographer knew the full value of C-K tested chemicals, every photographer would use them. Isn't it reasonable to suppose that they are carefully prepared and tested when you stop to consider how much we are dependent on them - when you consider that we have as much at stake as you have? It is true that thousands of photographers do appreciate their merit and back up their appreciation by using them exclusively. By doing so they are working hand in hand with us toward the end we both are striving for - perfect pictures. Look for this quality seal on chemical labels.

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The Auditorium, Milwaukee

Another Success The 1910 Convention of the P. A. of A. recently held at Milwaukee can be pronounced a decided success from every standpoint.

The meeting was given wide publicity - the program was well arranged both as to educational features and entertainment and it is not wonderful that such thoroughly organized and properly executed work should bear abundant fruit. The work of the retiring executive board is highly commendable.

The attendance nearly equal the record breaking attendance at Rochester last year, indicating that the association work is endorsed by the great majority of progressive photographers.

The meetings were well attended and it is a noticeable fact that all members are taking a very serious interest in the lectures and demonstrations. To quote a Milwaukee paper in an interview with a Milwaukee photographer, ' The fellows are not out for a hurrah-boys-time this year. They are here to work and learn and are attending strictly to their knitting, with the result that the effects of the meeting will be felt in every state of the union in betterment of the profession."

The business talks and lectures were straight to the point and interesting; especially so was the address made by A. F. Sheldon on Scientific Salesmanship as Applied to Photography." Mr. Sheldon is an orator and further than that he had a message to deliver which he proceeded to do in a manner that held his audience spell-bound and brought forth their hearty applause.

Under the able direction of Ryland Phillips the educational work of negative making was successfully carried on. Among those who demonstrated were Doty, Ellis, Endean, Hoyt, Stef-fens, Sykes, Towles, and when Pirie MacDonald put in an appearance the latter part of the week he was immediately pressed with requests to get behind a camera and show how he works in producing his famous portraits of men. He was unprepared for this but generously rose to the occasion, took off his coat and selecting a man from his audience, posed and lighted him, leaving no doubt in the minds of those who saw this demonstration that he knew what he was doing and knew how to do it without lost time or motion. He is at all times master of his subject.

All of the demonstrations in lighting, draping and posing were carried out by masters of the art and it was an inspiring sight to see these artists build up beautiful pictures with the models, yards of satin, silk and chiffon, thus freely giving to the association the skill they have gained by years of study and experience.

Strong evidence of the true fraternal feeling existing among members of the P. A. of A. is the way these men worked together, each helping and assisting the others in every possible way. It was not a struggle for supremacy in any sense of the word among those liberal minded men, but a general pulling together for results, and those who saw these demonstrations were undoubtedly benefited and appreciative as not a criticism of the work before them was to be heard anywhere - all was praise. Thus does photography progress - thus is the general standard of quality raised - raised by being transmitted to all photographers who are progressive enough to watch closely and absorb the ideas so plainly set forth.

Portraits were made by both daylight and artificial light. We reproduce herewith several portraits made at the daylight demonstrations which might be of interest. The prints used for these reproductions were hurriedly made and the negatives, outside of a slight retouching, are untouched. The real value

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From a Convention daylight demonstration negative by Endean

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From a Convention daylight demonstration negative by Hoyt

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From a Convention daylight demonstration negative by Endean of these demonstrations lies in being present and seeing the pictures created - seeing the skilled operators take the material in hand and with it produce portraits of real artistic merit properly lighted and of good composition. In this way more can be learned in an hour than in months of unaided study.

Milwaukee is a good convention city and the auditorium secured by the P. A. of A. is a large well arranged building affording ample accommodation for business sessions, demonstrations, photographers' and manufacturers' exhibits. General satisfaction with the arrangement seemed to prevail.

The accompanying illustration gives but a suggestion of our print display. Artura occupied the center wall and the two side walls were occupied by Aristo Platino prints on the left and Angelo and E-B platinum on the right. The general effect of this exhibit was one of beauty and harmony, and right here we wish to again thank the photographers who made the exhibit possible by so kindly furnishing us with portraits of quality.