Do you want to be certain of results? Do you want to know when you start out to make a portrait that you can depend on your materials? We know you do and you know it too.

Plates, paper, chemicals and the other things you use in the making of the picture must be right. We use every precaution and all possible care in manufacturing and our long experience combined with our excellent equipment enables us to produce perfect goods.

The material used in the manufacture of Eastman goods is carefully and systematically tested and the finished product is also subjected to a thorough series of tests before being packed and sent out for you to use.

We cannot afford to take chances on supplying anything but the best as we hold your interests in common with our own. The production of photographic materials is our business just as the production of finished photographs is yours, and if you wish to succeed you should use as much care in selecting your materials as we do in selecting ours. You'll find it true economy to stick to high-grade goods. They will save you trouble and will yield a maximum amount of quality at minimum expense. Eastman materials are high-grade materials. Stick to them.

Maintain Prices

When the fellow down the street cuts prices, pity him - he needs your sympathy. If he offers pictures at the cost of production or nearly so it is his loss, not yours, and the more business he gets on that basis the quicker he will be forced to the wall and disappear.

The thing for you to do at all times is to make the best pictures you know how to make and allow yourself a fair margin of profit over cost of material and running expenses. Use good plates, good paper, good chemicals, good mounts and your work will look good too - good enough to bring good prices.

Don't ever cut prices on your regular styles and sizes, but be satisfied to let your competitors do it if they must.

It is true that the dear public is always looking for something for nothing, but you can't afford to be the fellow who gives it to them unless you wish to make a martyr of yourself and close your doors for good after a short period of this sort of generosity.

There are off seasons in all lines of business and photography is no exception to the rule. If business must be stimulated during dull seasons and you wish to convert some of your plates and paper into cash by offering something at popular prices, cut loose from your regular line of styles and sizes and get out something different and attractive that you can put out at a moderate price and still make a profit. In this way you will not disturb your regular line of goods and break down established prices.

We don't advocate the putting out of cheap trashy stuff at any time and believe that in dull times trade can be stimulated by good advertising. It is not lack of cash that makes your business fall off at certain times of the year, but lack of interest in portraits. People have as much money for portraits in July as they have in December but they need to be stirred up before they realize it.

There is a saying, "When business is good, advertise - when business is poor, advertise more."

Our advertising cut service will help you. Hundreds are taking advantage of it. Why not you

Let your dealer send you a pound or half pound bottle of you will like it.


The developer for Artura Iris is so compounded that its action is slow. This result is accomplished by using a moderate amount of carbonate of soda and a diluted developer with plenty of bromide restrainer. The Artura idea in advocating the Iris formula as it stands on the printed direction sheets is to obtain a fine grained deposit of silver in the finished print. Iris paper developed in Iris developer does produce a fine grained print with more delicacy and a longer scale of gradation than could be obtained with a vigorous quick acting developer.

Dry-plates are also subject to either short vigorous development or long gentle development and the best negatives - the fine grained clear negatives with full gradation, are negatives developed slowly in a slow developer.

That is why tank developed negatives are best and one of the reasons why the Eastman Plate Tank is so great a favorite. With the tank the developer recommended is a slow one and this slow development gives the developer solution plenty of time to search out every bit of detail and take proper care of it.

A vigorous developer on the other hand - unless it be a rare combination - literally tears the plate to pieces in its efforts to develop it and the result is a coarse grained plate with contrast instead of soft delicate gradation.

All this leads up to this final advice on controlling development. If you want fine grained delicate negatives and fine grained delicate Artura Iris prints, use a developer that is not too vigorous in its action. For your negatives use the Eastman Plate Tank and the developer recommended for use with it. For your Artura Iris prints, use the developer as given on the direction sheets enclosed with the paper.

In the warm days to come also remember that developer solutions are apt to work more vigorously unless care is used to keep them at normal temperature during use.

Our Illustrations

This month we reproduce Ariosto Patina prints from the studio of W. M. Morrison of Chicago, 111.

This studio enjoys the liberal support of patrons who appreciate portraits of quality and is one of the well known and reliable establishments of Chicago.

Ariosto is firmly established in the Morrison Studio just as the Morrison Studio is firmly established in Chicago, and the reproductions printed herewith illustrate Ariosto excellence in connection with high grade portraiture.


Final arrangements have been made for the Annual Meeting of Photographers under the auspices of the P. A. of C, in the rooms of the Toronto Camera Club, July 5 and 6, 1910. These rooms are adapted for display of pictures and for practical demonstration under light, etc.

The exhibition of work will be entirely complimentary, one print at least is expected from every member. It will, without question, be the greatest meeting ever held in this country for photographers.

The fruits of the gathering will make you future dollars. J. Frank Jackson,

President. T. J. Leatherdale,

1st Vice-Pres. & Secy. Walt Dickson,

2d Vice-Pres. C. A. Lee, 3d Vice-Pres. A. A. Gray, Treasurer.