Williston, Sections 413, 1940, 1980;

Jones v. American Law Book Co., 125 App. Div. 519, 109 N. Y. Supp. 706.

Agreement made........between........hereinafter described as the Publisher, and........hereinafter described as the Author, Witnesseth:

1. The Publisher hereby employs the Author to render services in writing articles on subjects of law to be published by the Publisher.

2. The term of employment fixed by this agreement is .......to commence.........

3. The Publisher covenants and agrees to pay the Author ........dollars.

4. The Author agrees to write and prepare original articles and treatises or parts of articles and treatises on subjects and topics of the law, said subjects and topics to be assigned to said

Author by said Publisher, for the period of........years, commencing on........and ending on........

5. The Author agrees to work faithfully and diligently

........hours each business day of each week, to-wit, from

___o'clock a. m. until___o'clock p. m., exclusive of........

hour during said time each day. It is agreed that the term "business day" as used in this contract, shall not include Sundays or legal holidays or a week's vacation, at a time during the term of this contract, as shall be most convenient to both parties; but such vacation shall not occur prior to.....months service of the Author.

6. The Author agrees to write and prepare said articles or parts of articles in such manner and of such a quality as to come up to the proper standard for publication in the........

(name of book). The Publisher reserves the right to make editorial changes in the manuscript of any articles or parts of articles written and prepared by said Author under the terms of this contract, and that this right shall extend to the rejection of any portion of the manuscript which in the opinion of the Publisher does not come up to the proper standard for publication, or cannot be used therefor.

7. The Author agrees to warrant the Publisher against any and all liability for infringement of the copyright of published works, especially the........and........; and in the writing and preparation, or during the writing and preparation, of any article, or parts of articles, so assigned to the Author, as hereinabove mentioned, not to use, consult, or look into for any purposes, the said (Names of reference books.)

8. The Author agrees to reserve no right to republish any articles, or parts of articles, so written and prepared by the Author, and that the Publisher shall become the sole owner of the copyright of said articles, and parts of articles so written and prepared.