Another form.

Williston, Sections 413,1940 and 1980.

Agreement made....... .between............hereinafter called the Author, and..........hereinafter called the Publisher, WITNESSETH:

1. The Author shall write or complete the writing of a book of not less than........words, being a (description of work), to be entitled........, and shall deliver the completed manuscript thereof to the Publisher on or before of

2. During the subsistence of this agreement the Publisher shall have the sole right of publishing the book throughout the United States. The Author shall not during such period publish or cause to be published in any part of the United States any copy, abridgement (or, dramatized version) of the work without the consent in writing of the Publisher (but the Author shall be at liberty to dramatize the work and exercise or assign the dramatic performing rights therein).

3. During the existence of this agreement neither the Publisher nor the Author shall publish or cause to be published or edit, or assist in editing or contribute matter to, any work or treatise on the subject of.............

4. The Publisher shall print and publish the book at his own expense and risk. He shall publish a first edition of not less than.........copies nor more than........copies on or before of....... . .printed on good paper and substantially bound. The book shall be sold at the price of

. Second or subsequent editions are to be a matter of agreement with the Author or his assigns and the Publisher, and the Publisher shall have no right nor be under any obligation to publish any such subsequent edition except by mutual agreement (or, in place of the last sentence: "The Publisher may in his discretion publish second and subsequent editions in the same form and at the same price or in such form and at such price as may be mutually agreed." In the case of works requiring periodical revision the following may be added: "In the event of any second or subsequent edition being required, the Publisher shall before publishing such edition make a written request to the Author, his executors, administrators, or assigns, requiring him ort hem to bring the book up to date, and thereupon he or they shall without undue delay make or cause to be made by some competent person all necessary and proper additions and alterations; and, in the event of his or their failure so to do, the Publisher may employ some competent person to do the said work, the cost of which shall be deducted from the Author's credit for royalties on the ensuing accounts.)

5. The Publisher shall submit the proof sheets of the first and all subsequent editions to the Author, who shall revise and correct the same. If the Author's alterations and corrections by reason of departures made by him therein from the original manuscript shall exceed........per cent. of the cost of composition, the amount of such excess shall be deducted from his credit for royalties on the next ensuing account.

6. The Publisher shall pay to the Author the following royalty on the sale of copies, viz.: A royalty of........per cent.

of the said price at which the book shall be sold on each and every of the first........copies sold, and a royalty of........

per cent. of the said price on each and every copy sold thereafter.

7. The Publisher shall render to the Author an account of sales every six months, commencing six months after the date of the first publication. The balance due to the Author shall be payable three months after the half-yearly account is rendered.

8. The Author may require an inspection of the Publisher's books every........months after the account of sales has been rendered, and also at the termination of this agreement. On the Author demanding in writing an inspection, the Publisher shall forthwith permit any accountant nominated by the Author to examine all books and documents relating to the publication and sale of the book.

9. The Author shall indemnify the Publisher against all damage in consequence of the book (which is believed by both parties hereto to be innocent) being libelous or containing any infringement of copyright.

10. The Publisher shall cause the book to be copyrighted in the name of the Author. Subject to the provisions of this agreement, the whole right, title and interest in the manuscript and the copyright in the book when published shall remain in the Author, who shall be entitled to assign the same, together with his rights and obligations under this agreement.

11. The Publisher shall not assign the benefit of or delegate his obligations as a Publisher under this agreement, except that the whole agreement may be assigned to such person or persons as may succeed him in his business as Publisher.

12. If at any time the copies of the book in stock are reduced to........copies or less, the Author may propose in writing to the Publisher that a new edition shall be published, and if the Publisher does not publish a new edition within........

months of such proposal, the Author may by notice in writing terminate this agreement.

13. If any in six months after the first six months from the date of publication the sale of the book does not exceed........

copies, either the Publisher or the Author may by notice in writing terminate this agreement.

14. If the Publisher shall at any time commit an act of bankruptcy, the Author may by notice in writing terminate this agreement.

15. In the event of this agreement being terminated, the copies of the book remaining in stock, and any plates, engravings, or other plant specially prepared for the production of the book shall at the option of the Author be taken over by him at a fair valuation, or, if he fails to exercise such option within

........days after such termination, shall be sold by auction or otherwise, as the Publisher shall see fit. On such sale or valuation the Author shall be entitled to be credited with the royalties hereinbefore provided for according to the number of the copies which shall have been sold during the existence of this agreement.