Williston - Sections 1028, 1030, 1358-1362;

Ballenberg v. Wahn, 103 App. Div. 34, 92 N. Y. Supp. 380;

Hathaway v. Clendening, 135 App. Div. 407,119 N. Y. Supp. 984;

Agreement made..........between..........hereinafter referred to as the Employer, and..........hereinafter referred to as the Employee, Witnesseth:

1. The Employer hereby employs the Employee to assist in the management of its business of...........and by his personal efforts, his business experience and advice, to assist in the conduct of said business.

2. The Employee accepts said employment and agrees to assist in the management of the Employer's business by his personal efforts.

3. The Employee agrees to devote his entire time and energy exclusively to the business of the Employer and not to engage in any other business.

4. The Employer agrees to pay and the Employee agrees to accept, in full payment for his said services, $..........

a week, and.......% of the net profits of the business payable

5. The Employee shall have the right and privilege to inspect all the books and papers of the Employer.

6. The term of this contract shall be from.............to

7. The Employee agrees that the Employer shall have the right to terminate this contract if the business conducted by the Employer shall be unprofitable, upon giving to the Employee thirty, (30) days, notice in writing of his intention to do so.