for performance, or if no provisions is made, then at the place determined by law. There are special rules in regard to negotiable paper,78 in regard to the transfer of chattel property,79 and in regard to the payment of rent by a tenant of real estate;80 but apart from such special rules the general principle of common law is that the debtor must seek the creditor and make tender to him wherever he is found;81 and even without reference to this principle, the creditor's place of residence at the time when the contract was made will often be deemed by fair implication of fact the place of performance contracted for.82 In bilateral contracts each party is both a debtor and a creditor, and where the performance is due concurrently from each,83 it follows that either party wishing to put the other in default must seek him in order to make tender, unless the contract, custom or rule of law prescribes a place where both performances are to be made.84

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