62. Discipline. The full power of discharge and discipline remains with the company and its agents; but it is understood that this power should be exercised With justice and with due regard to the reasonable rights of the employe, and, if an employe feels that he has been unjustly discharged, he may have appeal to the Trade Board, which shall have the power to review the case.

63. Every person suspended shall receive a written notice, directing him to appear at the office of the company for a decision. Every suspension notice properly presented to the discipline officer of the company must be disposed of within six working hours from the time of its presentation and a definite decision announced to the suspended person.

Stoppages. In case of a stoppage of work in any shop or shops, a deputy from each side shall immediately repair to the shop or shops in question.

64. If such stoppage shall occur because the person in charge of the shop shall have refused to allow the people to continue work, he shall be ordered to immediately give work to the people, or in case the employes have stopped work, the deputies shall order the people to immediately return to work, and in case they fail to return to work within an hour from such time such people shall be considered as having left the employ of the corporation, and shall not be entitled to the benefit of these rules.

65. Detention in Shop. Workers shall not be detained in the shops when there is insufficient work for them. The company or its agent shall exercise due foresight in calculating the work available, and as far as practicable shall call only enough workers into the factory to do the work at sight. And if a greater number report for work than there is work for, those in excess of the number required shall be promptly notified and permitted to leave the shop. The work on hand shall be divided as equally as may be between the remaining workers.

66. Complaint Slips. Before or at the time of entering any complaint against any employe in the complaint book said employe shall be notified thereof so he may have the opportunity of notifying a deputy of the Board and have said complaint investigated.

67. Lay-Offs. Workers who are dismissed may be given layoff memoranda allowing them to return to their shops or factories, trimming or cutting rooms, when there is need for their services. Provided, this clause shall not be construed to give such worker precedence over union members, or to interfere in any way with the provision for preference in hiring.

68. Transfer of Employes. The company has the right to transfer employes for purposes of administration or discipline, subject to review by the Trade Board. If the Board finds that any transfer is being made to lower wages, or for any discrimination or improper purpose, or if injustice is being done the worker by the transfer, the Board may adjust the complaint.