Sec. 2374. Contracts for benefit of third person - General nature of problem.

Sec. 2375. Rights of beneficiary at early English law - Action of account.

Sec. 2376. Action of debt.

Sec. 2377. Action of assumpsit.

Sec. 2378. Rights of promisee and beneficiary respectively.

Sec. 2379. Classes of cases in which beneficiary could bring action.

Sec. 2380. Transition to theory that beneficiary can not sue.

Sec. 2381. Minority American rule - Beneficiary denied right of action.

Sec. 2382. The rule in Georgia.

Sec. 2383. The rule in Massachusetts.

Sec. 2384. The rule in Michigan.

Sec. 2385. The rule in Pennsylvania.

Sec. 2386. The rule in Virginia and West Virginia.

Sec. 2387. Majority American rule - Right of beneficiary recognized.

Sec. 2388. Privity.

Sec. 2389. Statutory provision permitting real party in interest to bring action.

Sec. 2390. General principles of contract affecting this type - Formation of contract.

Sec. 2391. Designation of beneficiary.

Sec. 2392. Acceptance by beneficiary-.

Sec. 2393. Beneficiary's rights dependent on validity of original contract and on terms thereof.

$2394. Rescission by mutual assent of original parties.

Sec. 2395. Consideration between promisor and promisee.

Sec. 2396. Consideration between promisor and beneficiary.

Sec. 2397. Necessity of obligation between promisee and beneficiary.

Sec. 2398. Promisor's right to attack validity of obligation between promisee and beneficiary.

Sec. 2399. Intention to benefit third person directly necessary.

Sec. 2400. Sole and concurrent benefits.

Sec. 2401. Specific illustrations of contracts conferring incidental benefit.

Sec. 2402. Contracts intended to confer benefit - Assumption of debts on consideration of conveyance.

Sec. 2403. Doctrine not limited to assumption of debts on consideration of conveyance.

Sec. 2404. Contracts of indemnity

Sec. 2405. Right of third person to enforce contract in equity.

$ 2406. Right of third person to sue on bonds.

Sec. 2407. Bonds controlled by special statute.

Sec. 2408. Bonds to protect laborers and materialmen on public improvements.

Sec. 2409. Right of third person to enforce sealed instrument.

Sec. 2410. Right of promisee to enforce contract.