Sec. 2020. Nature of construction.

Sec. 2021. Object of construction.

Sec. 2022. Construction as fact or law.

Sec. 2023. Intention deduced primarily from words employed.

Sec. 2024. Ordinary meaning of word prima facie correct.

Sec. 2025. Context and subject-matter control meaning of word.

Sec. 2026. General and specific words - Noscitur a sociis.

Sec. 2027. Technical meaning.

Sec. 2028. Meaning of word controlled by usage.

Sec. 2029. Cipher.

Sec. 2030. Abbreviations.

Sec. 2031. Grammatical accuracy and punctuation.

Sec. 2032. Omissions, errors and surplusage.

Sec. 2033. Intention of parties direct as affecting meaning of term.

Sec. 2034. Practical construction by parties.

Sec. 2035. Practical construction distinguished from new contract.

Sec. 2036. Actual intention as affecting construction.

Sec. 2037. Priority of clauses.

Sec. 2038. Contract construed as a whole.

Sec. 2039. General paramount intent controls special intent.

Sec. 2040. Every part of contract given effect if practicable.

Sec. 2041. Headings and marginal annotations as part of contract.

Sec. 2042. Covenant implied from writing equivalent to written promise.

Sec. 2043. Written and printed provisions.

Sec. 2044. Incorporation of writing by reference.

Sec. 2045. Reference for specific purpose.

Sec. 2046. Different writings construed together.

Sec. 2047. Extrinsic matters as terms of contract.

Sec. 2048. Law as term of contract.

Sec. 2049. Nature of law as affecting contract.

Sec. 2050. Contract to be upheld by construction if possible.

Sec. 2051. Legal construction preferred to illegal construction.

Sec. 2052. Construction to protect public interest.

Sec. 2053. Contract construed to be fair and reasonable.

Sec. 2054. The rule contra proferentem.

Sec. 2055. Rules and by-laws.

Sec. 2056. Usages and customs as terms of contract.

Sec. 2057. Elements of usage or custom.

Sec. 2058. Usage or custom contrary to express terms of contract.

Sec. 2059. Usage or custom contrary to legal effect of contract.

Sec. 2060. Surrounding circumstances.

Sec. 2061. Function of court and jury in construction - Terms and extrinsic facts not in dispute. Sec. 2062. Single inference possible Sec. 2063. Terms in dispute.

Sec. 2064. Extrinstic facts in dispute or inferences doubtful, Sec. 2065. Construction can not extend to reformation.