Sec. 3124. Nature of bankruptcy.

Sec. 3126. English bankrupt acte.

Sec. 3126. Federal bankrupt acts.

Sec. 3127. State bankrupt acta - Validity and general effect.

Sec. 3128. Effect of state bankrupt acts as against non-resident creditors.

Sec. 3129. Effect as against prior obligations.

Sec. 3130. Effect of passage of federal bankrupt act.

Sec. 3131. Statutory- provisions concerning discharge.

Sec. 3132. Provable debts - Nature.

Sec. 3133. What are provable debts - Claims arising on contract.

Sec. 3134. Claims arising on quasi-contract.

Sec. 3135. Judgments.

Sec. 3136. Claims in nature of tort, not reduced to judgment.

Sec. 3137. When debt must exist.

Sec. 3138. Liability for contribution and exoneration.

Sec. 3139. Continuing contracts.

Sec. 3140. Contingent liabilities.

Sec. 3141. Liability to support wife and children.

Sec. 3142. Statutory exceptions to effect of discharge - Provable character of claim.

Sec. 3143. Judgments for wilful and malicious injuries to person or property -

Nature of malice. Sec. 3144. Wilful and malicious injury to person. Sec. 3145. Wilful and malicious injury to property. Sec. 3146. Judgments for fraud.

Sec. 3147. Debt created by fraud not in fiduciary capacity. Sec. 3148. General nature of fraud.

Sec. 3149. Liability for obtaining property by false pretense or false representations. Sec. 3150. Proof of claim for fraud.

Sec. 3151. Debts created in fiduciary capacity - Technical trust relations. Sec. 3152. Debts created in fiduciary capacity - Non-technical trust relations. Sec. 3153. Debts omitted from schedule. Sec. 3154. Defective description as omission. Sec. 3155. Debts due to United States and state. Sec. 3156. General effect of discharge. Sec. 3157. Domestic and foreign discharges. Sec. 3158. Discharge as affecting liens. Sec. 3159. Effect on liability of co-debtor.

Sec. 3160. Surety on bond conditioned on judgment against principal. Sec. 3161. Partnership and individual debts. Sec. 3162. Who can take advantage of discharge in bankruptcy. Sec. 3163. Other forms of secondary liability. 5501

Sec. 3164. Necessity and method of pleading discharge.

Sec. 3165. Burden of proof.

Sec. 3166. New promise as waiving discharge.

Sec. 3167. Elements of new promise.

Sec. 3168. Nature of liability created by new promise.

Sec. 3169. Part payment.