The Government shall have inspectors at each of the Contractor's factories and at other points at its discretion where and during the time the articles hereby contracted for and their component parts are being manufactured and tested, for the purpose of observing the manufacture and testing thereof, and of making such tests thereof as such inspectors may deem necessary or advisable in order to determine the compliance of such articles with the requirements of this agreement. And the inspectors shall promptly give a decision concerning acceptance or rejection subject to later rejection for cause, during the course of manufacture of the articles.

The Contractor agrees to afford or cause to be afforded to such inspectors the fullest opportunity of observing such articles and their component parts at all times during their manufacture, and of testing same, without unreasonable destruction of the Contractor's property at any time before delivery.

All articles hereby contracted for shall be subject to factory inspection and test, and to final acceptance or rejection by an inspector of the Government, after satisfactory completion of such inspection and test; it being understood, however, that the completed article is to be tested for performance only in accordance with the specification requirements, provided, however, that as to each completed article delivered to and accepted by the Government, the Government shall after such acceptance have no right to dispute its liability therefor or claim that the same was not manufactured in full compliance with the terms of this contract and the specifications attached hereto. The contracting officer shall provide an adequate number of inspectors so that production shall not be delayed.