The Accounting Officer, or his designee, shall have the right to provide, should he deem such action or actions necessary, a detailed classification of accounts with the definitions to be used in connection therewith, to prescribe the methods of accounting to be followed, and the methods and bases for apportioning expense, provided that the Accounting Officer shall not prescribe definitions or regulations in disagreement with Schedule A, which is hereby incorporated in this Article as a part hereof. He shall also have the right to supervise and control the methods of storekeeping, and the books and records connected therewith, including the right to examine the same.

The Contractor agrees that at the commencement, and at the termination or the completion of the contract, he will make an inventory of such stores of materials and supplies as shall be used in connection with this contract, and the Accounting Officer or his designees may supervise the same and determine the methods and check the correctness thereof.

The Accounting Officer, or his designees, shall have access to the Contractor's books of account and record, and to all papers and memoranda relating to matters connected with this contract, and may audit and conduct investigations into all matters relating to this contract, provided that the information acquired in the course thereof shall be deemed confidential and shall not be divulged except with the Contractor's express permission therefor. He, or his designees, may make such investigations or examinations, not otherwise in the contract provided for, at each of the Contractor's plants, and at other points' at his discretion, as may be useful or necessary in determining any questions relating thereto.

The Contractor shall furnish all reasonable facilities and assistance in connection with any and all things provided for in this Article.

The Contractor shall keep all such records in shape for ready reference, and preserve the same for a period of at least six (6) years after the completion of this contract.