Every blacksmith is constantly being called upon to make his own tongs. As already stated, these tools must be of a great variety of shapes in order to meet the demands of the shop. The different styles required are not upon the market. There are two methods of forging tongs. One is to make the jaw and handle of a single piece without a weld; the other is to forge the jaw and weld on the handle.

Tong Making 100528

Fig. 70.

For light tongs the first method is preferable; for heavy, the second.

To make a pair of light tongs of the shape shown in Fig. 13, take a piece of iron inch X 1 inches. Forge down the ends until the bar is in the form shown by Figs. 68 and 69. Punch the eyes and split the bar into two pieces as shown in Fig. 70. Hammer the handle into a round section and rivet the two parts together.

For heavy tongs a piece of flat iron of suitable size should be forged into the jaw, after which the handles are welded. The method of doing the work in the two cases is the same, except that the forging is heavier and two welds are required.