By S. P. THOMPSON, D.Sc, B.A., F.S S.

Second and Enlarged Edition, with Twenty-four Colored Illus trations and Eight Folding Plates.

Contents of Chapters.

I. Alternating Currents in General.

II. Polyphase Currents.

III. Combination of Polyphase Circuics and Economy of Copper.

IV. Polyphase Generators.

V. Examples of Polyphase Generators. VI. Structure of Polyphase Motors. VII-VIII. Graphic Theory of Polyphase Motors. IX. Analytical Theory of Polyphase Motors. X. Examples of Modern Polyphase Motors. XI. Hints on Design. XII. Mechanical Performance of Polyphase Motors.

XIII. Single-Phase Motors.

XIV. Polyphase Transformers and Phase Transformation. XV. Measurement of Polyphase Power.

XVI. Polyphase Equipment of Factories.

XVII. Distribution of Polyphase Currents from Central Stations. XVIII. Polyphase Electric Railways.

XIX. Properties of Rotating Magnetic Fields. XX. Early Development of the Polyphase Motor.


I. Alternate Current Calculations: the Symbolic Method. II. Schedule of Polyphase Patents. Index List of Plates: - I. Two-phase Generator at Chevres. II. Three-phase Inductor Alternator. III. Two-phase Motor of Six Horse-power. IV. Three-phase Motor of One Hundred Horse-power. V. Three-phase Motor of Twenty Horse-power. VI. Core-Disks of Three-Phase Motor. VII. TwO:phase Motor of One Thousand Horsepower. VIII. Locomotive of the Jungfrau Railway.

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