For practice in the motion of basting, running, gathering, etc.


No. 8 needle, No. 50 thread, and a strip of cotton cloth.

Fig. 7.

Fig. 7. - Showing the work and hands in position.


1. Have the needle threaded, but make no knot.

2. Hold the cloth between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, as in Fig. 7.

3. With the right elbow away from the side, put the point of the needle through a few threads of the cloth, placing the thumb and forefinger of the right hand over it.

4. Pressing the end of the thimble against the eye of the needle, take three or more stitches in the cloth over the cushion of the left forefinger, moving only the elbow joint. (Fig. 7.)

5. Draw the needle and thread through as in Drill No. 2.

6. Repeat until the motion is learned.