2. Hibiscus Oculir˛seus Britton. Crimson-Eye Rose-Mallow

Fig. 2870

Hibiscus oculiroseus Britton, Journ. N. Y. Bot. Gard. 4: 220. 1903.

Similar to the preceding species in stems, foliage and pubescence, and about as high, the flowers about as large. Calyx-segments triangular-lanceolate, acute, nearly twice as long as wide; corolla white with a dark crimson center; capsule ovoid-conic, long-pointed.

In salt marshes, southeastern New York and New Jersey. A hybrid, with intermediate characters between this and the preceding, occurs on Staten Island, and also appeared in the New York Botanical Garden. Aug.-Sept.

2 Hibiscus Oculir Seus Britton Crimson Eye Rose Ma 12122 Hibiscus Oculir Seus Britton Crimson Eye Rose Ma 1213

3. Hibiscus IncÓnus Wendl. Velvety Rose-Mallow

Fig. 2871

Hibiscus incanus Wendl. Bot. Beob. 54. 1798.

Perennial, erect, 6° high or less. Leaves ovate or broadly lanceolate, 4'-7' long, acuminate at the apex, obtuse or subcordate at the base, dentate, rarely somewhat lobed, pale and finely velvety beneath, dark green above, long-petioled; bractlets linear, not ciliate, about half as long as the velvety calyx; calyx-segments ovate, acute or acuminate; petals white to pink, blotched at the base, 3'-4' long; capsule ovoid, stellate-pubescent, rather shorter than the calyx.

Marshes, Maryland to Florida and Louisiana. May-Aug.

4. Hibiscus LasiocÓrpus Cav. Hairy-Fruited Rose-Mallow

Fig. 2872

Hibiscus lasiocarpus Cav. Diss. 3: 159. pl. 70. f. 1.


Resembles the three preceding species. Leaves broadly ovate, dentate or 3-7-lobed, mostly cordate or truncate at the base; pubescence of the lower surface white and densely stellate, the upper surface darker, with longer soft mostly nearly simple hairs; bractlets of the involucels linear, equalling the calyx or shorter, ciliate; capsule ovoid, densely and finely hairy; seeds.nearly glabrous.

In swamps, southern Indiana to Missouri, south to Florida and Texas. Aug.

4 Hibiscus Lasioc Rpus Cav Hairy Fruited Rose Mall 1214

5. Hibiscus MilitÓris Cav. Halberd-Leaved Rose-Mallow. Sweating-Weed

Fig. 2873

Hibiscus militaris Cav. Diss. 3: 352. pl. 198. f. 2. 1787.

Hibiscus virginicus Walt. Fl. Car. 177. 1788. Not L. 1753.

Erect, 3°-5° high, nearly glabrous throughout. Leaves 4'-5' long, ovate in outline, acute or acuminate, cordate or truncate at the base, the lower, or sometimes all, hastately lobed, the margins dentate-crenate; petioles 1'-6' long; flowers pink with a darker eye, 2'-3' long, axillary or clustered at the ends of the stem or branches; peduncles shorter than the petioles and jointed above the middle; bractlets of the involucels linear, slightly shorter than the calyx, glabrous, or with a few scattered hairs; fruiting calyx inflated; capsule ovoid, enclosed by the calyx, glabrous, or very nearly so; seeds silky.

Along rivers, southern Pennsylvania to Florida, west to Minnesota, Nebraska and Louisiana. Aug.-Sept.

5 Hibiscus Milit Ris Cav Halberd Leaved Rose Mallo 1215