2. Croton Capitàtus Michx. Capitate Croton. Hogwort

Fig. 2714

Croton capitatus Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 214. 1803.

Annual, monoecious, silvery green, densely stellate-pubescent. Stem erect or assurgent, usually corymbosely branched above; leaves lanceolate, oblong, or rarely ovate, entire, or often undulate, obtuse or cordate at the base; lower petioles often equalling or exceeding the blades, flowers clustered at the ends of the branches, the staminate racemose, with a 5-parted calyx, 5 petals, and 10-14 stamens; pistillate flowers several, sessile, with 7-12 sepals, no petals, the styles twice or thrice cleft; capsule depressed-globose, 3"-3 1/2" in diameter; seeds gray, or variegated, turtle-shaped, smooth, or minutely pitted.

In dry soil. New Jersey to Tennessee, Iowa, Kansas, Georgia and Texas. May-Oct.

2 Croton Capit Tus Michx Capitate Croton Hogwort 1056

3. Croton Monanthógynus Michx. Single-Fruited Croton

Fig. 2715

C. monanthogynus Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 215. 1803.

Annual, monoecious, silvery green, rather densely stellate-pubescent and somewhat glandular. Main stem slender, 4'-8' high, simple, or sparingly branched above, topped by a 3-5-rayed umbel with rays 5'-15' long, forked or umbellately branched; leaves ovate or oblong, 5"- 1/2' long, entire or undulate, obtuse or subcordate at the base; petioles usually about half as long as the blades; staminate flowers clustered at the ends of erect peduncles, with 3-5 unequal calyx-segments, the same number of petals and scalelike glands, and 3-8 stamens; pistilulate flowers mostly solitary, on recurved pedicels, with 5 equal calyx-segments, no petals, 5 glands and 2 sessile 2-cleft stigmas; capsule ovoid or oblong-ovoid, 2"-2 1/2" long, 1-2-celled; seeds oval or orbicular, variegated, minutely pitted, shining.

In dry soil, North Carolina to Indiana and Kansas, south to Florida and Mexico. Prairie-tea. June-Oct.

3 Croton Monanth Gynus Michx Single Fruited Croton 10573 Croton Monanth Gynus Michx Single Fruited Croton 1058

4. Croton Lindheimerianus Scheele. Lind-Heimer's Croton

Fig. 2716

Croton Lindheimerianus Scheele, Linnaea 25: 580. 1852.

Somewhat shrubby, whitish-tomentose. Stems erect, 4-15' tall, sometimes diffusely branched; leaves rather numerous, the blades ovate to oblong-ovate, 1/2'-2' long, obtuse or acutish, green above, undulate; petioles almost as long as the blades or shorter; pedicels 1"-3" long, recurving; calyx slightly accrescent, its segments oblong or elliptic-oblong, becoming 2" long, slightly keeled in age; petals pubescent; capsules oval, 3"-3 1/2" long, 3-celled, tomentose, truncate-obtuse at both ends, drooping; seeds oblong-elliptic, nearly 2" long.

In dry soil, Kansas to Texas and New Mexico. Summer.

5. Croton Texénsis (Klotzsch) Muell. Arg. Texas Croton

Fig. 2717

Hendecandra texensis Klotzch, Erichs. Arch. 1: 252.

1841. Croton texensis Muell. Arg. in DC. Prodr. 15: Part 2, 692. 1862, Annual, dioecious, often bronze-green, canescent with stellate pubescence. Stem rather slender, erect or assurgent, 8'-2° high, paniculately or corymbosely branched; leaves ovate to linear-oblong, or almost linear, 10"-3 1/2' long, entire or undulate; petioles mostly shorter than the blades; staminate flowers racemose; pistillate flowers sessile or nearly so in stalked clusters; calyx equally 5-parted, the segments ovate; petals none; glands 5, minute; stamens mostly 10; styles 3, twice or thrice 2-cleft; capsule subglo-bose, 2 1/2"-3" in diameter; somewhat muricate; seeds ovoid or oval, variegated, finely reticulated.

In dry soil, South Dakota to Illinois, Alabama, Wyoming and Arizona. Recorded from Delaware. Skunk-weed. June-Sept.

5 Croton Tex Nsis Klotzsch Muell Arg Texas Croton 1059