7. Silene Rotundifolia Nutt. Round-Leaved Catchfly

Fig. 1807

Silene rotundifolia Nutt. Gen. 1: 288. 1818.

Perennial, stem slender, ascending or reclining, viscid-pubescent, branched, 1 1/2o-2° long. Leaves thin, membranous, the lower and basal ones obovate or broadly spatulate, 2'-4' long, narrowed into a winged petiole, obtuse but pointed, the cauline obovate, broadly oblong or orbicular-ovate, acute, the uppermost sessile; flowers few and loosely cymose, or solitary, scarlet, 1'-2' broad; pedicels slender, l'-2' long; calyx tubular-campanulate, 10"-15" long, somewhat enlarged by the ripening pod, its teeth ovate, acute; petals 2-cleft, lobed, or laciniate, crowned.

In shaded places, southern Ohio and Kentucky to Georgia. Summer.

7 Silene Rotundifolia Nutt Round Leaved Catchfly 1497 Silene Rotundifolia Nutt Round Leaved Catchfly 150

8. Silene Rčgia Sims. Royal Catchfly. Wild Pink

Fig. 1808

Silene regia Sims, Bot. Mag. pl. 1724. 1814.

Perennial, erect, stout, 3°-4° high, simple or sparingly branched, minutely rough-pubescent, slightly viscid. Leaves all but the lowest sessile, thick, ovate-lanceolate, acute or acuminate, 2'-3' long; inflorescence a narrow strict panicle of few-flowered cymose clusters; pedicels generally less than 1/2' long; flowers numerous, deep scarlet, about 1' broad; calyx oblong-tubular, 10" long, slightly enlarged by the ripening pod, its teeth ovate, acute; petals emar-ginate or laciniate, crowned.

Prairies, Ohio to eastern Tennessee, Alabama, west to Missouri. July.

9. Silene Caroliniāna Walt. Wild Pink

Fig. 1809

Silene caroliniana Walt. Fl. Car. 142. 1788.

S. pennsylvanica Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 272. 1803.

Perennial, tufted, 4'-10' high, viscid-pubescent, especially above, generally nearly glabrous below. Basal leaves spatulate, or oblan-ceolate, acute or obtuse, 2-4' long, narrowed into a broad petiole, the margins often ciliate; stem-leaves shorter, sessile, oblong or lanceolate; flowers pink, about 1' broad, in terminal cymes; pedicels 2" - 15" long; calyx narrow, tubular, much enlarged by the ripening pod, its teeth ovate, acute; petals cuneate, emarginate, eroded, crowned at the base of the claw.

In dry, sandy or rocky soil, Maine to Georgia, west to central New York, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Ascends to 3300 ft. in West Virginia. April-June.

9 Silene Carolini Na Walt Wild Pink 151

10. Silene Antirrhina L. Sleepy Catchfly

Fig. 1810

Silenc antirrhina L. Sp. Pl 419. 1753. Silene antirrhina divaricata Robinson, Proc. Am. Acad. 28: 132. 1893.

Annual, slender, erect or ascending, puberulent or glabrous, glutinous about the nodes, simple, or branched above, 8'-2 1/2o high, the branches ascending. Basal and lower leaves spatulate or oblanceo-late, 1"-2' long, narrowed into a petiole, obtuse or acute, sometimes slightly ciliate; upper leaves linear and gradually reduced to subulate bracts; inflorescence a loose cymose panicle; pedicels slender, erect; corolla pink, about 1"-2" broad, sometimes wanting; calyx narrowly ovoid, 2"-3" long, much expanded by the ripening pod, its teeth ovate, acute; petals obcordate, minutely crowned.

In waste places and woods, Maine to southern Ontario and British Columbia, south to Florida and Mexico. Flowers opening for a short time in sunshine. Ascends to 3200 ft. in Virginia. Summer.

10 Silene Antirrhina L Sleepy Catchfly 152