14. Lespedeza Angustifólia (Pursh) Ell. Narrow-Leaved Bush-Clover

Fig. 2610

Lespedeza capitata var. angustifolia Pursh, Fl.

Am. Sept. 480. 1814. L. angustifolia Ell. Bot. S. C. & Ga. 2: 206.


Erect, simple, or branched above, slender, appressed-pubescent, or nearly glabrous, 2°-3° high. Stipules subulate; leaves nearly sessile; leaflets linear or oblong-linear, rarely some of the lower ones lance-linear, 1'-1 1/2 long, 1"-2" wide, obtuse, truncate or acutish at the apex; peduncles mostly elongated, usually exceeding the leaves; flowers nearly as in the preceding; pod ovate-orbicular, shorter than the calyx-lobes.

Dry sandy soil, eastern Massachusetts, Long Island, south to Florida, west to Louisiana. Records of this species in Iowa and Michigan appear to be erroneous. Aug.-Sept.

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15. Lespedeza Leptostachya Engelm. Prairie Bush-Clover

Fig. 2611

Lespedeza leptostachya Engelm.; A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad. 12: 57. 1876.

Erect, simple or branched, 1°-3° high, silvery-pubescent with appressed hairs. Stipules subulate; petioles shorter than the leaves; leaflets linear, 1'-1 1/2' long, 1"-2" wide; spikes slender, interrupted and loosely flowered, on peduncles equalling or exceeding the leaves; corolla as in the preceding species; flowers all complete; pod ovate, pubescent, about 1 1/2" long, nearly equalling the calyx.

Prairies, Illinois to Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Aug.-Sept.

16. Lespedeza Striata (Thunb.) H. & A. Japan Clover

Fig. 2612

Hedysarum striatum Thunb. Fl.. Jap. 289. 1784. Lespedeza striata H. & A. Bot. Beechey 262. 1841.

Annual, diffuse or ascending, branched, tufted, sparingly appressed-pubescent, 6'-12 long. Stipules ovate, acute or acuminate, 1"-2" long; petioles much shorter than the leaves; leaflets oblong or oblong-obovate, 4"-9" long, 1"-4" wide, obtuse at the apex, narrowed at the base, their margins usually sparingly ciliate; flowers 1-3 together, both petaliferous and apetalous, sessile or nearly so in the axils; corolla pink or purple, about \" long; calyx-lobes ovate; pod oval, acute, exceeding the calyx-lobes.

In fields, Pennsylvania to Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Florida and Texas. Naturalized from eastern Asia. Wild clover. Hoopkoop-plant. July-Aug.

16 Lespedeza Striata Thunb H A Japan Clover 954

40. VÍCIA [Tourn.] L. Sp. Pl. 734. 1753.

Climbing or trailing, herbaceous vines, with pinnate tendril-bearing leaves, half-sagittate or entire stipules, and axillary sessile or racemose, blue violet or yellowish flowers. Calyx-tube somewhat oblique, obtuse at the base, its teeth about equal, or the two upper ones slightly shorter or longer. Standard obovate or oblong, emarginate, clawed; wings obliquely oblong, adherent to the shorter oblong curved keel. Stamens diadelphous (9 and 1), or monadelphous below; anthers all alike. Ovary sessile or stipitate; ovules ∞; style very slender, with a tuft or ring of hairs at its summit. Pod flat, dehiscent, 2-valved, continuous between the round seeds. [The classical Latin name of the Vetch.]

About 130 species of wide geographic distribution. In addition to the following, about 15 others occur in the southern and western parts of North America. Type species: Vicia sativa L. Flowers racemed or spicate; peduncles elongated.

Indigenous perennials.

Spike-like racemes dense, 1-sided, 15-40-flowered.


V. Cracca.

Racemes loose, 1-20-flowered.

Flowers 7"-10" long.

Leaflets elliptic, or ovate-oblong.


V. americana.

Leaflets narrowly linear; western.


V. sparsifolia.

Flowers 2"-5" long.

Racemes 8-20-flowered; flowers 4"-s" long.


V. caroliniana.

Racemes 1-6-flowered; flowers 2" - 4" long.

Leaflets 2-5 pairs, linear, or those of lower leaves oval or obovate


V. micrantha.

Leaflets 4 or 5 pairs, all oval, elliptic or obovate.


V. ludoviciana.

Introduced annuals; flowers few, 2" - 3" long.

Pod glabrous, 3-6-seeded.


V. tetrasperma.

Pod pubescent, 2-seeded.


V. hirsuta.

Flowers sessile or very nearly so, few, axillary.

Flowers 1 or 2 in the axils; annuals.

Leaflets oblong, oval or obovate; flowers about 1' long.


V. sativa.

Leaflets, except of lower leaves, linear, or linear-oblong; flowers 3/4' long.


V. angustifolia

Flowers 2-6 in a short nearly sessile raceme; perennial.


V. Sepium.