Perennial herbs with horizontal rootstocks, large peltate leaves, and cymose white flowers. Sepals 6, petaloid, falling away early. Petals 6, flat. Stamens 6; anthers dehiscent by valves. Pistil 1; ovules few, arranged in 2 rows on one side of the ovary. Fruit a berry. Seeds oblong, curved. [Greek, double-leaf.]

A genus of 2 species, the typical one native of eastern North America, the other of Japan.

1. Diphylleia Cym˛sa Michx. Umbrella-Leaf

Fig. 1959

D. cymosa Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 203. 1803.

Erect, stout, 1°-2° high, glabrous or nearly so Basal leaves solitary, long-petioled, 1°-2° in diameter, peltate near the center, deeply 2-cleft, many-lobed, the lobes acute or acuminate, sharply dentate; cauline leaves 2, similar, smaller, peti-oled, constricted in the middle and generally peltate near the margin; cyme many-flowered, 2-3' broad; flowers white; petals flat, oblong, obtuse; fruiting pedicels slender, 1' long or more; berries blue, globose to oblong, 6" long.

In woods, Virginia to Georgia and Tennessee, along the mountains, mainly at higher altitudes. May-June.

1 Diphylleia Cym Sa Michx Umbrella Leaf 301