4. Vaccinium Ovalif˛lium J. E. Smith. Tall Or Oval-Leaved Bilberry

Fig. 3262

Vaccinium ovalifolium J. E. Smith in Rees' Cyclop;

36: No. 2. 1817.

A straggling branched shrub, 3°-12° high, the branches slender; twigs glabrous, jointed, sharply angled. Leaves oval, or elliptic, short-petioled, glabrous on both sides, green above, pale and glaucous beneath, rounded at both ends, or somewhat narrowed at the base, thin, sometimes mucronulate, entire or very nearly so, 1'-2' long; flowers commonly solitary in the axils, on rather short recurved pedicels; calyx-limb slightly toothed; corolla ovoid; stamens 10; berry blue with a bloom, 4"-5" in diameter.

Woods, Quebec to Michigan, Oregon and Alaska. Also in Japan. June-July. Fruit ripe July-Aug.

Vaccinium nubigenum Fernald, of mountain rocks in Quebec, has smaller serrulate elliptic leaves acute at both ends, the corolla urceolate, pink.

5. Vaccinium PÓllidum Ait. Pale Or Mountain Blueberry

Fig. 3263

V. pallidum Ait. Hort. Kew. 2: 10. 1789. Vaccinium corymbosum var. pallidum A. Gray, Man. Ed. 2, 250. 1856. V. Constablei A. Gray, Am. Journ. Sci. 42: 42.


A branching shrub, 2°-8° high, with glabrous green warty twigs. Leaves oval, ovate or oblong, rather thin when mature, acute or acuminate, narrowed or rounded at the base, short-petioled, glabrous and light green above, pale and slightly glaucous beneath, serrulate, or nearly entire, 1' - 3' long; flowers several or numerous in the clusters, about equalling their slender pedicels; corolla oblong-cylindric to urceolate, slightly constricted at the throat, greenish-pink, 2"-2 1/2" long, 1 1/2"-2" thick; berry blue, 4"-6" in diameter, delicious.

In woods, mountains of Virginia to South Carolina. Fruit superior to all other blueberries. May-June. Berries ripe July-Aug.

Vaccinium simulÓtum Small, also of the southern mountains, and apparently extending north to New York, differs in having the leaves pubescent on the veins beneath.

5 Vaccinium P Llidum Ait Pale Or Mountain Blueberr 16055 Vaccinium P Llidum Ait Pale Or Mountain Blueberr 1606

6. Vaccinium Corymb˛sum L. High-Bush Or Tall Blueberry

Fig. 3264

Vaccinium corymbosum L. Sp. Pl. 350. 1753. V. amoenum Ait. Hort. Kew. 2: 12. 1789.

A shrub, 6°-15° high, the twigs terete, minutely warty, greenish-brown, puberulent, or glabrous. Leaves oval or oblong, mostly acute at each end, entire or serrulate, sometimes' ciliate, green and glabrous above, paler and often pubescent at least on the veins beneath, short-petioled, 1'-3' long, 1/2'-1 1/2' wide; flowers in short racemes, appearing with the leaves, equalling or longer than their pedicels; bracts oblong or oval, deciduous; calyx 5-lobed; corolla cylindric, or slightly constricted at the throat, white or faintly pink, 3"-6" long, 1 1/2"-3" thick, 5-toothed (rarely 5-lobed); stamens 10; berry blue with a bloom, 3"-4" in diameter, pleasantly acid.

In swamps, thickets and woods, Maine to Virginia, Quebec, Minnesota and Louisiana, apparently erroneously recorded from farther north. May-June. Fruit ripe July-Aug. Great whortleberry. Seedy dewberry Swamp-blueberry. The late market blueberry.