4. Crataegus Denāria Beadle. Palmer's Thorn

Fig. 2338

Crataegus denaria Beadle, Bilt. Bot. Stud. 1: 2. 131. 1902. Crataegus Palmeri Sarg. Trees & Shrubs 1: 57. 1903.

A small tree, sometimes 250 high, with spreading branches and a round-topped crown. Spines 3/4'-2 1/2' long; leaves oval, ovate, to oblong-obovate, 1-3' long, 1/2'-2' wide, acute or obtuse at the apex, cuneate at the base, serrate, crenate-serrate or doubly so, often slightly lobed towards the apex, dark green and shining above, slightly impressed-veined; corymbs glabrous or slightly pilose; flowers about 6" broad, stamens usually ten, anthers yellow; styles and nutlets 2-5; fruit globose or subglobose, reddish-green or light red, about 4" thick.

Low rich soil, western Kentucky and Missouri, south to central Mississippi. Intermediate between C. Crus-galli and C. viridis. April-May; fruit ripe October.

4 Crataegus Den Ria Beadle Palmer s Thorn 680

5. Crataegus Reverchoni Sargent. Reveichon's Thorn

Fig. 2339

Crataegus Reverchoni Sarg. Trees & Shrubs 1: 55.

1903. C. Jasperensis Sarg. Rep. Mo. Bot. Gard. 19: 61.

July 1904. C. rubrifolia Sarg. Rep. Mo. Bot. Gard. 19: 66. July 1908. C. rubrisepala Sarg. Mo. Bot. Gard. 19: 70. July 1908.

A shrub or tree, sometimes 200 high, with numerous zigzag branches and an irregular round-topped crown. Spines l'-2' long; leaves ovate, oval or obovate, 1 1/4'-1 3/4' long, 3/4'-1' wide, acute or obtuse at the apex, broadly cuneate or rounded at the base, serrate or serrate-dentate, often with 1 or 2 pairs of shallow lobes toward the apex, coriaceous, dark green and shining above, glabrous; corymbs glabrous; flowers 6" or 7" broad; stamens 10-20; anthers yellow or pink; styles and nutlets 3-5; calyx-lobes lanceolate, entire; fruit subglobose to compressed, globose, light scarlet to orange-red, 4" or 5" thick; calyx-lobes reflexed.

Southern Missouri and Dallas County, Texas. April; fruit ripe October.

5 Crataegus Reverchoni Sargent Reveichon s Thorn 681

6. Crataegus Cānbyi Sargent. Canby's Thorn

Fig. 2340

?Crataegus elliptica Ait. Hort. Kew. 2: 168. 1789. Mespilus elliptica Hayne, Dendr. Fl. 78. 1822. (Guimpel, Otto and Hayne Abbild. Deutsch. Holz. pl. 144. 1819- 1830.) Crataegus Canbyi Sarg. Bot. Gaz. 31: 3. 1901. C. Pennypackeri Sarg. Bot. Gaz. 35: 100. 1903.

A small tree, 200 high, with somewhat ascending branches. Spines straight, 1'-2' long; leaves oblong-ovate, 1'-3' long, 3/4'-2 1/2' wide, acnte at the apex, cuneate at the base, doubly serrate, often lobed toward the apex, glabrous, dark green and shining above; petioles 1/4'-3/4' long; corymbs glabrous; flowers about 8" broad, sepals lanceolate acuminate, entire; stamens 10-20; anthers pink; styles and nutlets 3-5; fruit short-ellipsoid to globose, 5"-8" thick, dark crimson.

Occasional, eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland. May; fruit ripe October.

6 Crataegus C Nbyi Sargent Canby s Thorn 6826 Crataegus C Nbyi Sargent Canby s Thorn 683