4. Epilobium Pal˙stre L. Marsh Or Swamp Willow-Herb

Fig. 3030

Epilobium palustre L Sp. Pl. 348. 1753.

Epilobium oliganthuni Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 223. 1803.

Erect or decumbent, slender,usually simple,6'-18' high, perennial by subterranean shoots or stoloniferous, canes-cent above with incurved hairs, the stem terete. Leaves mostly opposite, sessile, oblong, or lanceolate-oblong, the lower often obtuse or subtruncate at the apex, l'-2 1/2' long, 1"-2 1/2" wide, erect or ascending, distinctly veined; flowers few in the upper axils, pink or whitish, usually nodding at first, ST-3" broad; stigma entire or nearly so; fruiting peduncles slender; capsules 1'-2' long, slightly more than 1/2" thick, canescent; seeds about i" long, a little papillose, translucent, the apex scarcely narrowed; coma pale.

In bogs, Newfoundland to Alaska, south to Massachusetts, Ontario, Colorado and Washington. Also in Europe and Asia. Consists of several races differing in size and texture of leaves. Wickup. Summer.

5. Epilobium LineÓre Muhl. Linear-Leaved Willow-Herb

Fig. 3031

Epilobium lineare Muhl. Cat. 39. 1813. E. densum Raf. in Desv. Journ. Bot. 2: 271. 1814. Epilobium palustre var. lineare A Gray, Man. Ed. 2, 130. 1856.

Slender, erect, canescent throughout with incurved hairs, 1°-2° high, at length much branched, perennial by subterranean shoots. Leaves linear or linear-lanceolate, mostly short-petioled, opposite or alternate, erect or ascending, acute at both ends, entire or very nearly so, 1'-2' long, 1/2"-2" wide, the veins obscure, the margins revolute; flowers few or numerous in the upper axils, erect, pink or whitish, 2"-4" broad; stigma entire or slightly notched; pedicels mostly slender; capsules about 2' long, finely canescent; seeds less than 1" long, slightly papillose, the coma dingy In swamps, New Brunswick to Delaware, west to British Columbia, West Virginia, Kansas and Colorado. July-Sept. Sometimes produces bulblets near the base of the stem.

5 Epilobium Line Re Muhl Linear Leaved Willow Herb 13735 Epilobium Line Re Muhl Linear Leaved Willow Herb 1374

6. Epilobium Strictum Muhl. Downy Or Soft Willow-Herb

Fig. 3032

Epilobium strictum Muhl. Cat. 39. 1813

Epilobium molle Torr. Fl. U. S. 1: 393. 1824. Not Lam. 1805.

Erect, usually much branched, 1°-3° high, densely pubescent with whitish somewhat spreading hairs, perennial by subterranean shoots. Leaves sessile, ascending, broader than those of the preceding species, short-lanceolate, obtuse or obtusish, 9"-2o" long, 2"-4" wide, alternate or opposite, mostly entire, evidently veined; flowers in the upper axils, pink or whitish, about 2" broad; stigma entire or nearly so; capsules 2" - 3" long, nearly 1" thick, short-peduncled, canescent; seeds obconic, papillose; coma dingy.

Bogs, Quebec to Athabasca, Virginia, Illinois and Minnesota. July-Sept.