4. Geum Macrophıllum Willd. Large-Leaved Avens

Fig. 2278

Geum macrophyllum Willd. Enum. 557. 1809.

Stout, erect, bristly-pubescent, simple or branched above, 1°-3° high. Stipules broad, foliaceous; basal leaves petioled, lyrate-pinnate, the terminal segment much the largest, reniform, orbicular or cordate, crenulate-dentate, 3-7-lobed; lateral leaflets 3-6, oval or obovate, with smaller ones interspersed or borne on the petiole; stem-leaves short-petioled or sessile, the leaflets or lobes 2-4, cuneate; flowers several, terminal, short-peduncled, yellow, 5"-10" broad; petals obovate, exceeding the acute reflexed calyx-lobes; receptacle nearly glabrous; style slender, jointed, pubescent, at least below, 3"-s" long.

In low grounds, Newfoundland to Alaska and British Columbia, south to New York, Missouri, Colorado and California. Also in northern Europe. May-July.

4 Geum Macroph Llum Willd Large Leaved Avens 6204 Geum Macroph Llum Willd Large Leaved Avens 621

5. Geum Strictum Ait. Yellow Avens

Fig. 2279

Geum strictum Ait. Hort. Kew. 2: 217. 1789. Geum canadense Murr. Comm. Goett. 5: 34. pl. 4. f. B. 1783. Not Jacq. 1772.

Erect or ascending, pubescent, branched above, 2°-$° high. Stipules broad, foliaceous; basal leaves lyrate-pinnate; leaflets 5-7, obovate, cuneate, dentate or lobed, with a few smaller ones interspersed, the terminal one largest, broadly ovate or cuneate; stem-leaves sessile or short-petioled, with 3-5 ovate or oblong acute segments; flowers yellow, similar to those of the preceding species; receptacle downy-pubescent; style slender, 3"-4" long, jointed, pubescent below.

In swamps or low grounds, Newfoundland to British Columbia, south to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri and New Mexico. Also in northern Asia. June-Aug. A hybrid with G. canadense has been found in eastern Pennsylvania. Herb-bennet. Black-bur. Camp-root.

6. Geum Vé Rnum (Raf.) T. &G. Spring Avens. Early Water Avens

Fig. 2280

Stylipus vernus Raf. Neog. 3. 1825.

Geum vernum T. & G. Fl. N. A. 1: 422. 1840.

Erect or ascending, slender, pubescent with spreading hairs, or glabrate, simple or nearly so, 6-2° high. Basal leaves tufted, petioled, with a single orbicular-reniform dentate 3-5-lobed leaflet, or pinnate with $-7 obovate or oval more or less dentate and lobed ones; stem-leaves few, sessile or short-petioled, pinnate or pinnatifid; flowers few, terminal, corymbose or racemose, erect, about 2" broad; calyx-lobes ovate, acute, reflexed; bractlets none; petals yellow, spreading; head of fruit stalked; style glabrous, jointed, about 2" long; receptacle glabrous.

Shaded places, Ontario to West Virginia and Tennessee, west to Illinois, Kansas and Texas. Naturalized from the West in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and southern New York. April-June.

6 Geum V Rnum Raf T G Spring Avens Early Water Ave 622